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Published: August 10, 2021

The physics behind the rotary swing are extremely important, but not as important as the biomechanics and anatomy. What I mean by that is how many golfers do you think get injured, swinging a golf club. How many times have you been injured, little aches and pains in your back, elbow pain, knee pain, hip pain, wrist pain, thumb pain, ankle pain. The lot for, in a little ball that was announced and a half with a stick. That's a lot of injury while the reality is 81% of the tour pros on the PGA tour will miss about nine weeks for a golf swing related injury themselves. And these are supposed to be the best golf swingers in the world, right? But they still four out of five, more than four out of five, get injured, hitting a ball with the stick. Now that seems crazy to me because all of these injuries are completely preventable.

In fact, that's been the core of rotary swing is that we want to make sure that everything that we do is not only safe and powerful, but it's going to prevent all these little aches and pains. And if you already have golf swing injuries, like golfer's elbow, shoulder pain, we've dealt with all of them. And we have a full medical panel of orthopedic surgeons, neurosurgeons, PhD, biomechanics from the U S Olympics committee that are gonna show that have gone through rotary swing and helped us develop the most powerful, safe, and efficient way to swing the club. Take a listen to a couple of clips from some of our experts on our medical panel.

I worked for the us Olympic committee for nine years with them, I was doing technique evaluations athlete, coach education, integration of athletes with equipment about 15 sports over the nine-year period. I'm impressed with Chuck. I'm impressed with what he's how many people he's reached out to. And his whole mission is to put a lot of people in the middle of the fairway along the way out without any back pain. I think that's yeah, but I think he's come very close to a model that appears to be ideal. And I just thought this is a very simple swing or it's based on very simple concepts. It's a, in my opinion, a biomechanically healthy swing and a powerful swing without a lot of moving parts a lot with, without complexities. You don't have to be a super athlete. It's it's based on sound biomechanics, which is sort of how the, how the body is driven, how it's driven efficiently, powerfully injury, relatively injury free. It's a, it's a big muscle motor driven swing. That's repeatable the resources that he's providing are phenomenal. The right. It's not just, here's our model. Here's the way we want you to swing. It's here's, here's what we believe is the ideal. Now here's the pathway, right? Here's how to get somewhere. You are now to where you need to be

Hitting a ball over 300 yards like that. It's impressive, but what's really impressive is the fact that not that long ago, I was laying in a hospital bed with a broken neck, a tri I broke C1, your top vertebrae and a mountain biking accident and had four neurosurgeries to not only help save my life, but also to allow me to return back to the game that we all love in doing that. I went through a lot to try and rebuild my golf swing and get myself back to where I can hit the ball like that swing like that again. But really the secret to my success has been how I've swung the club for so long. It's allowed me to not only play golf again after such a tremendous injury, but also play not only pain-free, but I don't even get sore tired. I can hit a ball like that all day long. And one of the secrets of my success, well, listen up because renowned neurosurgeon, Dr. Mitch suppler is going to talk about what the secret to my success is and how you can apply this year, game and play pain-free golf for the rest of you.

I'm Mitchell Suppler. I am a neurosurgeon based out of Orlando, Florida, and I am an avid golfer and played since I've been 10 years old. So you've sat in on some rotary, clean swing and clinic stuff. Now, what do you think? I'm very impressed from two perspectives. One from all my history of playing golf and two from being a neurosurgeon and understanding the mechanics of the body, particularly the spine, and also the learning capabilities. Having gone through some injuries myself and understand now what true biomechanics are to help prevent injury. I am impressed with the rotary swing method that maintaining proper spine alignment, hip alignment, proper mechanics of the pelvis, proper mechanics of release through the ball, that this is the best way to prevent an injury with the golf swing. The golf swing is not a natural movement and it is completely against what we would normally feel we would evolutionarily do with our body. So we need to protect ourselves if we want to play in this game that we love for a long time.

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