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Published: July 18, 2016

Rushing the downswing is one of those fatal flaws in the golf swing that will wreck your shot in a heart beat. Most golfers struggle with rushing the downswing because they have too much tension in their upper bodies and this starts right from golf setup. Too often I see my students death gripping the golf club which creates tension that will need to be released sooner than later. If you're too tense at setup, you're going to be very tense at the top of your backswing and those muscles are going to need to release that tension. This causes the golfer to fire the arms and shoulders to start the downswing and all the sequencing is wrecked.

Instead, you must first shift your weight to start the downswing. You simply won't be able to do this fast enough if you throw your arms from the top of the backswing. Your pelvis needs time to shift all the way back to the left in downswing and if you rush from the top your pelvis will have a hard time moving quickly enough and you'll end up hitting off your back foot.

Another extremely common culprit to rushing the golf downswing is when a golfer attempts to over use their dominant right hand to swing the club. This also prevents you from shifting your weight which is critical to allow the golf club to shallow out to get on plane and to allow for the sequencing to unwind properly. If you want more lag in your downswing, it's critical that you learn how to shift your weight properly and work through the sequence in the RotarySwing 5 Step Golf Swing Learning System. 

In this video I discuss how to stop rushing your downswing and how to sequence it properly so you can have more power in your golf swing with less effort.

free online golf lessons

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