Robin Wingardh Playing Lesson: Pro Improves with RST

Sick and tired of "quick fixes"?

Pro golfer Robin Wingardh was, and I've been working with him for a few months to tackle his consistency issues.

pro that uses a rotary swingHere's Robin and me after he won a tourney by 5 strokes!

Here's what Robin had to say about Rotary Swing...

"Before I learned about the Rotary Swing, all that my previous coaches did was apply 'quick fixes' to my swing but never really addressed the real issue. I've seen so much improvement during these last few months, and I can say with certainty that I've never hit the ball better or been more consistent than I am now, thanks to the Rotary Swing."
-Robin Wingardh, Challenge Tour Pro | June 2013

If pros can't fix their faults with quick fixes, you shouldn't try to either.

I work with Robin on the range in this video, and you'll find out:

  • The process (not quick fix) of how we addressed Robin's swing issues.
  • What you can do to stop spinning your hips and shoulders open.

I think you're going to enjoy this insider look into the process of how RST student and pro golfer, Robin Wingardh, has made important improvements.

If you do, be on the lookout for Part 2, which is coming soon!

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