Law 4: How Your Angle of Attack Affects Compression

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effect of angle of attack on compressionDevelop the correct angle of attack for more compression!

Ever notice how the PGA Tour pros take razor thin divots?

That’s exactly what you want.

This video focuses on how your angle of attack affects compression.

Learn how to hit the ball with a slightly descending angle of attack and stop chunking the ball or hitting it thin!

After that, you'll want to watch the rest of this series, which literally covers everything you need to know about creating ideal contact.

7 Laws to Master Compression Video Series

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  • 7 Laws to Master Compression Introduction
  • Law 1: How Your Swing Speed Affects Compression
  • Law 2: How Your Swing Path Affects Compression
  • Law 3: How Your Face Angle Affects Compression
  • Law 4: How Your Angle of Attack Affects Compression
  • Law 5: How Your Loft at Impact Affects Compression
  • Law 6: How Your Club Lie Angle Affects Compression
  • Law 7: How Club Face Contact Affects Compression

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