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Published: October 20, 2017

Everybody wants to hit the golf ball better right now, right here, right on that first golf lesson, the first five minutes. If we could just make everybody start hitting the ball like tour pros, life would be really grand. It just doesn't quite work that way, but there are simple things you can do on your golf swing to make dramatic improvements immediately in your ball striking. The reality is really to make long-lasting, impactful changes to your golf swing, it's gonna take practice. Should seem pretty obvious, but everybody doesn't seem to think that in the golf swing. They think they can get one simple quick tip and it's gonna solve their problems. That's just as silly as thinking you'll take a diet pill and all of a sudden you're gonna look like Arnold Schwarzenegger. It's not gonna happen.

                But if you're trying to make something work on the golf course and you're struggling or you're just practicing and you want a different feeling that's gonna help you start hitting the ball better, I've got a great golf tip for you to day that's gonna really change what you think about the golf swing.

                The number one thing that I've been teaching ... 22 years now I've been teaching ... 23 years. Wow. I'm getting old. So I've been at this a long time, and over that time I've given thousands and thousands of lessons and I've done hundreds and hundreds of videos. Our videos have been seen over a hundred million times now. We've been at this for a while. We've helped a lot of golfers. But one thing that's gonna have the biggest impact in your golf swing is learning how to release the club properly. Releasing the club is the one thing that no one seems to get right as an amateur because they're overusing the right side and the right side causes you to actually lose lag and start casting the club, and then when you come through you get into this chicken wing look and it's impossible to get the club to release from here because you're using the wrong side of your body. To get the club to release properly, watch your next tour vent. If you go to a tour vent and you stand in a part three where they're waiting or a short par five where everybody's getting home in two and they're just standing around in the T-box, they're waiting to hit, I guarantee you're gonna see every single tour pro with the club in their left hand and letting the club work and release just like I'm doing here.

                If you can this feeling into your golf swing, you're starting to understand a secret of the pros. You're never gonna see a tour pro making practice swings sitting on the T with his right arm. This looks stupid because it doesn't work. That's not how pros swing the club. It's a lead side dominant move. If you don't understand this, I want to give you a preview of a bonus video that's gonna show you this concept of pushing versus pulling in the golf swing, which is a secret the pros know that you don't. If you don't understand pushing versus pulling in the swing, you're missing the entire big picture. Once you watch this bonus video, I want to encourage you to sign up for our site because I'm gonna give you 50 videos for free. Go to the website, go to, sign up after you watch the preview of this bonus video. 50 videos, absolutely no obligation whatsoever. They're gonna help you understand what the pros know about the swing and you don't. Let's take a look at the bonus video.

Chuck:  Hi. I'm Chuck Quinton, founder of Rotary Swing Golf. When I developed Rotary Swing, it was all about getting an objective view of the golf swing based on biomechanics, physics, and anatomy and how the brain learns new movement patterns. In doing so I took a tremendous amount of time researching these different aspects of the swing to come up with a very objective and black-and-white view of the swing, and one thing I want to talk about is the physics perspective that I'm gonna use my awesome little toy truck here to give you a really clear picture of a concept that we use a lot, which is pushing versus pulling on the golf swing.

                I'm certain that you've never seen, and if you have, I'd love to see a video of it, of a truck pushing a trailer down the road. Obviously this would be very difficult to control. If you've ever tried to back up a trailer, you know how easy it is to get the trailer moving in a different direction all the time any time you're pushing it. But then what happens when you change that and you pull it down the highway, which is how you see all cars going down the highway when they're pulling a trailer? The trailer follows in a perfect straight line behind the truck the entire time with no effort on the driver. He just pushes the pedal and it goes in a straight line.

                When you're pushing something, it tends to move off line. Why is that? The reason is you need to line up the force of movement, which in this case is the truck that's moving the trailer - the trailer's not gonna move itself - so the force of movement coming from the truck must line up perfectly with the center of gravity of the trailer. If it's just off to the side slightly, this trailer will rotate around its center of gravity and it will move it off line and it won't be able to track a straight line.

                Believe it or not, this is a perfect example of how you should swing a golf club and why it's so difficult for most amateurs to swing a golf club. The reality is, most amateurs, because they're right handed but playing from the left side of the golf ball, tend to use their dominant hand, which is their right hand of course, to push the club into impact. It feels more powerful, but it actually creates more problems on the golf swing. So now let's go and take a look at it with the golf club in the hand and take a look at what this pushing and pulling looks like in the golf swing.

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