One Simple Key to Fix Your Takeaway

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In this video, I’ll show you the one swing change that’ll fix your takeaway once and for all. You’ll find out how taking your club too far to the inside makes it tougher to square up at impact and how to get the right amount of cupping in your left wrist for the perfect takeaway. Check out this video now to fix your takeaway and increase consistency!

Video Practice Points
  1. Keep some cup in the left wrist for proper takeaway. 
  2. Right wrist remains fairly flat in the takeaway. 
  3. Use torso to rotate the body in the takeaway.

 I've got one question for you all today: how many of you out there are struggling taking the club out to the inside here in the takeaway? You've tried everything, you've heard all the tips and tricks, but nothing seems to work for you. Well, I've got great news for you. I've got one very simple move that's going to help you to get rid of this once and for all, and it's very, very easy to do. So let's go ahead and get started.

                First to get started, let's go ahead and talk about why taking the club back to the inside is a negative thing. What I mean by taking your club back to the inside is if we do everything ideally, as the club's parallel to the ground in the takeaway, the club is going to be parallel with my target line. You can see I have a stick down here on the ground, representing where I'm going to be hitting the ball in the distance towards the right side of this fairway. As my club is parallel with the ground again during the takeaway, I want the club to be parallel with the stick, or as close as I can to it. Now, if I get the club going to the inside at this point, and pulling the club back to the inside, now I'm searching for this square path all the way throughout the rest of my swing. I get started offline and now I spend the rest of my swing starting to get back to where I was at address. That an lead to a lot of inconsistency.

                Now, I have one really good tip for you guys that's going to help you eliminate this forever. If I go ahead and face you from the face-on angle, we'll see that at address, my left wrist has a little bit of a cup in it. My left wrist is not perfectly flat, and that's okay. That's good. That's what you want it to be at address. Now as I set up here as if I'm setting a ball this way, all I want to do is maintain that slight cup in my left wrist all throughout the takeaway, and really use the core or my torso to rotate the club and my hands and arms and everything back. So here I'm going to maintain that cup in my left wrist. I'm using my chest and my core to rotate the club back, and you'll notice that I've kept that. Now the club is perfectly on line.

                Now, what I see a lot of people do, is they think they need to keep this left wrist flat during the takeaway or get it flat during the takeaway. You end up doing something like this. Now you can see that this is almost a little bit bowed. The second thing that you can key in on is the right wrist is now very cupped. So incorrectly, I'm going to go ahead and do the takeaway. My left wrist is flat or even a little bit bowed. My right wrist is cupping. The correct motion, I'm going to maintain a little bit of cupping in my left wrist and use my torso to rotate the club back. Now everything's nicely on plane, and my right wrist is really nice and flat. So really focus in on that. Make sure that you keep a little bit of cupping in the left wrist. As we go all the way to the top of the backswing, that left wrist will flatten out so it's gradually flattening out throughout the entire takeaway and backswing. But we want to make sure that we keep a little bit of that cupping action in there all the way through the takeaway so that you're staying on plane the entire time.

                Try that out, I guarantee that'll help you to make your takeaway more on plane, and help you to get some overall consistency in your golf game.

                Now, for those of you that are premium members, there's a couple videos that you can watch that are even going to help to further solidify this. The first one the Bucket Drill, and that's going to take what you've learned about the left wrist today, incorporate that into the bucket drill, and that's really going to help you get an overall very solid motion with your torso and your hands and arms working together. Also watch the right wrist in the takeaway, another fantastic drill to help you to really, really solidify that takeaway motion. Watch those two videos, those'll really help you out. I wish you guys the best of luck this year, have a great year with your golf. Play the best golf of your life, and start by solidifying that takeaway to improve your consistency. I'll see you soon.

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