Craig Session 5 of Phase 1

Practice Session 5 –

Some of the final reps before graduating to the next phase
Should the lead leg be straight or locked out with a discussion during the recap
The importance of discipline during your reps and eating your vegetables

I just graduated from phase 1 to phase 2. When you do the practice sessions on phase 2 do you do a few phase 1 type of shots to get warmed up? Also in Chuck's explanation of the phase 2 he talks about letting go of the right hand. Would those set of 10 reps count on the tracker or no? I noticed my tendency is definitely a big push with my right shoulder and right hand especially right pointer finger pushing. I feel like I need to train my right hand after years of early release and casting.
August 13, 2022
Hi Craig, This might have been answered elsewhere but are you controlling these smaller swings with the Axiom, ie your right foot? If so, is the correct method for smaller swings to do the clockwise motion faster or to use a narrower radius in the foot?
August 9, 2022
Craig (Certified RST Instructor)
Hello Shane. I am focusing more on my lead foot at this point. When I start to add speed I will be incorporating the Axiom/Trail footwork movement. At this stage I wouldn't say you need to do it faster but a tighter radius.
August 9, 2022
Hi Craig, When you post up on the lead side, you have your lead hip above your lead knee and ankle. But the lead side of your upper body seems to hang back a little. Is that because of maintaining your axis tilt? So when you are talking about stacking up on the lead side, the goal and focus is only on your lower body?
July 31, 2022
Craig (Certified RST Instructor)
Hello Stefan. The majority of my swings the shoulder is stacked in NJA. While doing Phase 1 I am working hard on maintaining the axis tilt so you may see it be a tiny bit too much especially since I am trying to hold impact going through. We will see in future episodes as I have the tendency to get too much secondary tilt. For sure a problem I know will have to be tackled. Coincidentally what creates to much secondary tilt (pushing too much from the trail side and getting my hip ahead).
August 1, 2022

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