9 Days To Amazing Golf Ball Striking - Intro

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Becoming a great golfer is much more than hitting perfectly straight shots. Learn how the pros "think" and shape their shots and how you can learn how to shoot much lower scores just by simple strategy changes. This series will teach you how to shape shots, how to align yourself for the greatest margin of error and how to become a master shot shaper.

  • The 9 Days to Amazing Ball Striking series covers the four critical factors in controlling ball flight
  • Learn how to hit a draw or a fade
  • Learn how to hit the ball high or low
  • The series concludes with a drill tying all your new skills together - the same one Tiger uses to practice his ball striking
  • Learn one of the secrets to Ben Hogan's success and how to incorporate it into your own game

How to Swing a Golf Club – Rotary Swing’s 9 Days to Amazing Ball Striking

It’s one of the most commonly asked questions by golfers – amateur and professionals alike – and the answer might be easier than you think. And that question is: “What’s the right way to swing a golf club?”

Even the most celebrated pros have trouble with golf ball striking from time to time. In fact, most PGA tour members are known just as much for their often-revolving golf swing mentors as they are for their on-course accomplishments.

Rotary Swing’s unique instruction methods take into account your particular body type, strength, flexibility, skill level and other factors to determine the best way to hit a golf ball. We’ve compiled a how-to course for all the key facets of how to strike a golf ball. From starting line command to masterful fade and draw shots, from perfecting any trajectory to exclusive drills, our 9 Days to Amazing Ball Striking leaves no stone unturned in the ultimate quest for that elusive quest that every golfer wants to know – how to swing a golf club properly.

Master the fundamentals, and you’ll be able to fine-tune your game with precise placement on the green, better fairway accuracy and, ultimately, a lower score. Rotary Swing will show you how!

Amazing Golf Ball Striking Introduction – Learn How to Swing a Golf Club Like Never Before

With our progressive, player-focused instruction, you can learn how to strike a golf ball the right way – under any circumstance, in any format, from any distance. Regardless of external factors, the most important element of any great golf swing is the internal focus, confidence and muscle memory that only purposeful practice can provide. And Rotary Swing is here to unlock your golf swing’s potential. Golf ball striking, like other repetitive actions, is in many ways dictated by the amount of practice you’ve put in beforehand.

If you’re interested in learning how to strike the ball properly, or you’re not satisfied with your current swing, we are here to help. Our 9 Days to Amazing Ball Striking video series provides on-point instruction, hassle-free learning and crucial keys to optimize your golf swing.

We’ve helped thousands of players learn the best way to hit a golf ball, and we’d love to help improve your game, too. For more information, send us a message on our contact page.

From free videos like Controlling the Staring Line and Hitting the Fade to exclusive premium content such as Fine Tuning Your Draw and High Trajectory Shots, Rotary Swing has a complete line of how-to resources to shave strokes off your game – in just over one week’s time!

How to Swing a Golf Club

Learning how to swing a golf club is one of the hardest skills to master in the world of sports. It takes a lot of practice and patience, but the rewards are great as there are few things in life that feel better than a properly compressed golf ball!

Amazing Golf Ball Striking Introduction

In this video series, Rotary Swing Founder Chuck Quinton gives you a series of golf swing drills that teach you not only how to swing a golf club properly, but also how to shape golf shots.

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Hello. I am currently working on ingraining the standard golf swing. I am at the stage where I can make slow swings (with a little pause and conscious thought), hitting the ball a short distance with left hand only and using both hands as well. Checkpoints look great but will confirm with a swing review soon. Should I work on shot shaping at this point or should I wait till I get to that 3000-5000 range with the standard swing?
November 11, 2019
Craig (Certified RST Instructor)
Hello Tausif. I would get comfortable with standard/stock swing first before you start worrying about manipulating ball flight too much.
November 11, 2019
Should I shape my tee shots on holes that are left and right?
June 28, 2019
Craig (Certified RST Instructor)
Hello Julie. Yes, that would be advantageous. However, it is more important to learn how to play and control your stock shot before getting into advanced movements.
June 28, 2019
O.k. Thank you very much.
June 28, 2019
What would you comment about Moe Norman straight shot
August 20, 2017
Chuck (Certified RST Instructor)
He hit the ball very short because he restricted the wrist movement in his swing. His famous driver demo where he hit balls into a circle on the driving range for an hour was only 230 yards out. The reality is that most any tour pro could do something similar at such a short yardage these days.
August 21, 2017

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