How to Stack RotarySwing Golf Swing Drills

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Rotary Golf Swing is all about stacking drills, one on top of the other, to methodically build the proper golf swing fundamentals.

Hi, I'm Chuck Quintin, founder rotary, One of the most important concepts of my swing methodology is the progressive and stackable nature of it. And that's something that I can't emphasize enough when you're going through these drills and you're working through the RST five step program. You need to understand that every single drill has two key benefits to one. They can all be done indoors without ever hitting a ball. That's the most valuable part of RST is that you're going to make 10 times greater strides inside in front of a mirror than you ever will taking lessons and hitting balls. It just simply as you go through how the brain learns videos, and I'll have to talk about the neuromechanics and how your brain learns a new movement pattern. This stuff will all start to make a ton of sense that gosh, I'm going to do way more in way less time, but way less strain on my body and spend way less money.

If I just do what he's telling me to do inside in front of a mirror, it's way more productive. You're going to get way more quality reps in. So definitely check out the videos on how the brain learns it's critical for your future success as a golfer. But the other part of it is that every drill is meant to be stackable. The whole point of RST is it works like this. The bottom layer obviously is really the learning side of things, understanding how your brain learns, making sure we're set up correctly. From there we stack on a piece and that piece is going to be weight shift, core rotation, left arm golf club, right arm. That's the whole RSD five step. You stack those things in that sequence. When things break, you just pop the last piece off. Let's say, you're out hitting balls, you're doing it.

You know, both arms. Everything's great. And you're, everything's starting to gel, but then you kind of lose it a little bit. We just pop that last piece off. So in the case of going all the way to the end, I just take my right arm off the club and make sure I'm doing drills. A lot of times when we put that right arm back on there, we start casting the club again and start doing this because this feels really powerful to push against the club like this, but it actually causes us to lose leverage in our swing, which is the vast majority of our club head speed. So it's a huge problem. So when I see that happen, I see them do the drills correctly. And they have all of this lag when their left arm is doing it. And they put the right arm on there.

And all of a sudden they look like this. Well, guess what we do, we just take the right arm off again. The point is not hitting balls yet. The point is learning a new movement pattern, which is completely autonomous of actually striking a golf ball. Now, of course, that's the whole point at the end of the day is of course, to be able to send this ball where we want it to, but until your body can do the movements correctly, there's zero point in hitting balls apart from the pleasure of hitting balls. But if you're hitting them crappy, that's not going to be fun. So let's take the time upfront to do a little bit of work, to get the basic core body movements down, working through the progressive stackable nature of RST five step, and then worry about hitting balls. Cause that part will be easy.

It'll come to you completely naturally once your body's moving correctly. So as you're working through this sequence of drills, you can understand that you can combine any drill together. So for example, let's say you're working on your takeaway, right? There's a really simple one. So we're working on weight shift to the right glue, right? Ankle, right shoulder blade back. Perfect. All right. So this is all I'm going to do for the next month. Do you want me to just sit here in front of a mirror and do this? Well you can, if you're really serious and methodical and super detail oriented and you want to take the time to just get that right? You could do that, but I like to speed things up a little bit. So I can combine this with any other drill and RST. They all work together as a system.

It's a, it's a universe of a golf swing that every single piece works together. It's not some just giant bucket list of parts. And you say, oh, well that works for me. But, but that doesn't, that's crazy. That's how golf has been taught for years. It doesn't work. You can't just have a bucket of parts and say, well, my swing DNA just says, I tend to do this. So I just got to put this in my swing. I use a really strong grip to overcome this fault and that fault and so on and so forth. That's ridiculous. That's how you start. That's how you end up where you are, right? You've been doing that your whole life. Everything with RST, from every single RST instructor is consistent. We're all telling you the exact same thing in the same sequence, the same way. That's the beauty of rotary swing.

So I want to do my takeaway with a club and that's great, but I also want to work on my weight shift to the left, posting up impact and release. Now maybe you can put all those things together. Maybe you can't, maybe you can just do takeaway weight shift. Hey, that's one rep. I did it right. Take away weight shift, not ready. My brain can't juggle all this cause I still scoop and flip and push with my right hand. That's okay. It doesn't matter where you are. It just matters that you recognize where you are and start working to build up. From that point, you start at the lowest level of competence, wherever you're already skilled at. If your takeaway is great, don't keep working on your takeaway. Let's push you. Let's get you moving further down that road. You're already doing the takeaway. Great.

Let's get your weight shift. You get you all the way to the top, whatever it may be. But every single part of the swing of the website can be combined with any other drill. If you want to work on takeaway and then that stride and stomp drill and how the lower body works video. That's great. You can put that together. All of these things allow you to expedite your progress and work through things in a much, much quicker way. Then just going out and pounding balls and hoping for the best. So understand two key things. RST, do everything inside that you can, you can do all of these drills indoors. You can get 250 reps in tonight doing it perfect in front of your mirror versus how many balls you're gonna in an hour, 50 or 60. It's a ball a minute. Give or take.

And then how many of those 50 or 60 in that hour are you going to do exactly right? 10% maybe. So out of that, 50 or 60, you did five to 10. Perfect. And your mirror in your home, you did 250. Perfect. And the same amount of time, which do you think is more productive? This is a no brainer guys. Rotary swing makes the learning process expeditiously more fast, more progressive. It's going to help you do all of these things much quicker. If you follow the system and start learning to do the drills inside, stack them together and then work through my ladder drill of how you start taking your drills from the mirror indoors to adding distance slowly, but surely to build up to a full speed shot. And the rotary swing will be your best friend for your golf swing.

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So should I NOT be hitting balls at all this early in the program? I have a bad scooping and shank problem. I am concerned that if I do mirror work inside it will be negated by my bad swing outside and further ingrain bad tendencies.
August 28, 2019
Craig (Certified RST Instructor)
Hello Michelle. In the early going the vast majority of work should be done inside. However, if your main issue is scoop/shank. I have zero problem with you polishing of your 5 Minutes to the Perfect Release Drill and gradually starting with some lead hand only shots at the range.
August 28, 2019
You mention "ladder drill" toward the end if this video. The only video I can find for the ladder drill seems to relate only to the short game. Is there a ladder drill video that relates to the long game?
January 12, 2018
Craig (Certified RST Instructor)
Hello William. There isn't a ladder drill on the site for the full swing. But, Chuck is referring to start at the bottom and progressively challenge yourself by stacking new pieces (going up the ladder). Then, start at the bottom again reinforcing the basic moves climbing back up to the ladder.
January 12, 2018

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