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At last, a simple way to have perfect rhythm and tempo on every shot.

Would you describe your swing as having great rhythm and tempo naturally don't feel bad if you say no at that question, most golfers would most golfers feel like if they didn't have bad rhythm, they'd have no rhythm at all. But the reality is rhythm and tempo is actually very easy to develop when you use the Axiom movement. Now you've probably tried a bunch of different things to develop rhythm and tempo. There's all sorts of gimmicks out there on the market. You can buy heavy clubs that essentially all they do is make you use your arms and hands even worse, which is what kills rhythm and tempo. Perhaps you've bought one of those gizmos that you stick in your ear and they play a little beep when you just start the takeaway in the down swing and impact, and it feels impossibly fast. The reason is it is impossibly fast.

If you're to think your way through the golf swing, you can't think and move fast enough because your brain can only juggle one thought at a time, you have to feel your way through the swing. And that's the only way you're going to develop proper rhythm and tempo. Trying to think your way through the swing is like trying to think your way through a dance move. You have to feel it, but of course there's techniques and mechanics and fundamentals underlying that feeling. When I was creating the Axiom, that was one of the things I was trying to accomplish for my students is how can I teach you to move and feel a swing that teaches you how to hit the exact same proper mechanics and positions that the pros do, but without having to think your way through a swing and that's, what's so great about it.

I found this feeling that allows you to move correctly. And also it turns off your brain. You don't have to juggle through 5,000 different swing, thoughts and tips going around there. You need one simple feeling. So how do you discover your natural rhythm and tempo with the Axiom? It's simple. I'm going to show you how to do it right now. So first just throw the club down. The best way to get this feeling is to exaggerate the movement at first. So you have this very easy way to feel it, and then we're going to tone it down. So at first you can even start without your arms, just get that Axiom movement. And at first you can stay on the merry-go-round just keep going around and around exaggerate your pelvis movement. So obviously my hips would never move this much in the golf swing. If they are that's a problem. But at first to develop a feel of rhythm, you have to be loose. You have to be soft and supple. If you're tight, you can't have any good rhythm and tempo. It's impossible. So as you start to do this, let your hips just relax and just kind of move around in a circle, driven by your pressure shift on your foot. The pressure shift is the gas pedal on the, on the swing. You're just feeling this motion. And then you can start combining this with getting off the merry-go-round.

How would you feel this?

You can see I'm exaggerating. I'm even letting my toe come up off the ground, just to exaggerate that feeling of that clockwise pressure shift. And then I start to combine getting off the merry-go-round. Now you can say I'm just naturally without him thinking about it, starting to make a little clockwise movement with my hand, and I can feel as I go to get off the merry-go-round that's when I start to release that club and I start to hold my hand out, starting to play the air guitar, right, strumming up on the air guitar. And I'll combine this with a little bit of rotation and my back swing or that little shoulder blade, getting that arm back to throw. Now I'm starting to feel the whole thing coming to get again, big exaggerated movements at first. So you can feel how everything falls together, how the gears start to mesh between your arm movement, your hip movement, your upper body movement, all driven by the clockwise pressure shift of your foot. So as you start to do this together, it's very easy to feel a little natural rhythm and tempo. Now, of course, we don't want to make this big, crazy arm movement and your backswing just makes it too much too complicated. So we want to start toning that down. So from down the line, you're going to see it's going to start looking more like a conventional swing. I'm just making a little movement and starting to get that feeling of strumming up on the guitar.

As I begin to release,

Get off the merry-go-round and release the club, starting to feel this natural rhythm and tempo. As I get comfortable with that, I can take a club. I can do it with just one arm. I can do it with my lead arm or trail, or I can do it with both. I still do the same thing, starting to feel that pressure shift the speed at which you can comfortably shift your pressure around that foot, which creates that butterfly effect that moves your whole body. That's the speed you want to settle into and try going really fast

And then go really slow and...

Then find the spot in the middle that feels comfortable, that you can do that every single time. So if I try to go really fast, my swing just feels out of sync. It feels a little out of rhythm out of tempo. If I try to make that pressure shift really slow, and that feels a little too syrupy, but I want to find that pressure shift where I can feel like I don't feel rushed, but I don't feel like I'm trying to purposely slow down my swing. That's how you find your perfect rhythm and tempo. You focus on feeling that pressure shift around your foot because that's, what's moving your entire body. You add that little clock, tiny little clockwise movement with your hands to get the club to smooth correctly and get on plane and path and release. And now you're starting to feel how you feel perfect rhythm and tempo for you. So next time you're out on the course and you get to a shot that you're a little bit uncomfortable with, and you can feel yourself getting a little bit tighter and a little bit more tense. Do this little exaggerated movement just while your ProLiant partner's hitting. Just kind of start getting that feeling of getting your foot going, letting your arm, make this little tiny loop, to feel the movement in sync with your body. And you'll start to feel more relaxed

And more fluid and more comfortable

To help you re-center and find your, your natural rhythm and tempo again. And then if you're on a shot where you're just really uncomfortable, combine that with the compression drill, you know, by now that the compression drill can hit the ball just as far, if not further than when you make your full swing by just feeling like you're stopping it, lead arm parallel to the ground. So if you just take that one extra club, perhaps if you need it and step back, get yourself in rhythm and tempo, use the compression drill to hit that shot when you're a little uncomfortable. And you'll find that all of a sudden you can move freely again. It's a really simple way to get your rhythm and your tempo back on track, even though the middle of a round

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