The GOAT Release Intro - Endless Conveyor Belt

Homer Kelly, who wrote The Golfing Machine, had a concept he called the Endless Conveyor Belt that I explain how it creates incredible speed with minimal effort in this video.

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my nemesis over the past few years has been a pull draw with shut face at impact which seems to have occurred from the right forearm turning over and shutting the face at impact on release, not flipping as you show it. Yet all gOATS seem to have right hand turning right over left through impavt, but not shutting closed. That must mean from the rpevious video that my riight elbow isnt tucked in enough but if i am throwing the club with an early release from the top how do i both in a split second?
May 15, 2024
Chuck (Certified RST Instructor)
Yep, you need to get into GDP
May 15, 2024

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