Throw the Club or Push the Club? Pt 2 of 3

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Are you pushing the club through impact or throwing the clubhead at the ball? One is effortless power, the other is powerless effort. Watch part 3 here: Part 3 - Squish the Bug

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You are correct Chuck, it is Christmas again!! Love this latest concept. I played on Monday, in the SWSGA event in Arizona after having a total knee replacement less than 3 weeks before. I was 1 under through 8 and then the my feet felt like they weighed 150 pounds each. I started hitting high hooks with no distance. I can see now that there was no bug squishing with these tired old legs. It was 118 degrees and I was cooked. Shot 80 but with a course very wet with half the holes cart path only, I was thrilled. I started the RotarySwing Academy last night and am going to be ready sometime in August for a real coming out party. Can't wait for part 3. I will refrain from going out for a few more weeks, but I can visualize the guys I play with who do just what you say. Having the why is so big. Thanks again ... Christmas in July. David
July 10, 2024
Chuck (Certified RST Instructor)
You are way tougher than me playing in 118 degrees!!! BTW, part 3 is available already here:
July 10, 2024
Love this!
July 9, 2024
Chuck (Certified RST Instructor)
July 10, 2024

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