What are Golf Swing Fundamentals?

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Published: August 10, 2021

If you're working on your golf swing, what is the number one thing that you should think you should focus on? Well, hopefully that answer is the fundamentals, right? Everything in life that you've learned, you learn the fundamentals. First, I talked about driving a manual transmission. You learned how to push the gas and slip the clutch. And all of these things are fundamentals that are all taught the same way to help you learn how to drive a car. Now with golf name five fundamentals of the golf.

I'll wait here. I'll give you a minute. Okay. You probably can't because

Nobody seems to agree on what those fundamentals are. Well, to me, fundamentals need to meet the definition of what a fundamental is by definition, a fundamental has to be primary. It has to be the origin has to be central and it has to be absolute. Those are the four criteria. According to Webster's. What defines what a fundamental really is. Now the antonyms of that are consequential, secondary peripheral. Those are the things that most golfers actually focus on. What I mean by that? Well, let's first think for one of the things that people think is a fundamental of the golf swing, which is not by definition and that swing plane. I talked about swing plane earlier, swing plane by its very definition is not a fundamental of the golf swing. Now you may be looking at me crazy thinking I'm crazy right now. Like how on earth could this idiot say that swing plane is not a fundamental golf swing. When I watch golf on TV. That's the first thing these golf pundits do is draw lines with the telestrator and talk about swing, plane, this and swing plane that by its very definition. What is swing plane? Well, it happens in the periphery, right? Because literally it's peripheral. So can't be central, right? Central would be the body. The club is swinging around the body. So there's one qualification that it's not a fundamental of the golf swing.

Is it the origin of movement? No, the origin, the movement

Is the body because the club can't do anything by itself. So it's certainly not

The origin of where that movement's coming from.

It's happening in the periphery. And lastly, it's completely consequential on what your body does. This swing plane does not happen because the club does something. I tried to create a swing plan or tried to get it, to create a swing plane. It didn't do anything because it's completely consequential of how I move the fundamental of the golf swing to fix your swing. Plane is to fix what your body's doing. If you're swinging over the top, I talked about pushing versus pulling. I talked about axis, tilt, how that shifts the swing plane and the horizontal path. Those are the things that you have to fix in your golf swing. And that's what rotary swing addresses. We don't do bandaid fixes. We don't try and fix your swing plane by mint, manipulating the club and telling you to put it here and then put it here and feel like you're swinging short. Feel like you're swinging it, making a half swing. None of that stuff works. It's nonsense. In order to fix those things, you have to fix what's happening in the center. What's primary, what's the origin of movement. And when you fix those things, that's how you fix your golf swing. And that's how rotary swing can guarantee that you're going to become the best ball striker you ever dreamed of when you follow our online system.

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