Charl Schwartzel Golf Swing Analysis

Wouldn't you love to have 2011 Masters champion Charl Schwartzel's golf swing?

Charl Schwartzel golf swing analysisIs Charl Schwartzel's swing perfect? Find out in the video below.

After all, some have claimed he's got the "perfect" swing.

Of course, it's never clear what constitutes "perfect" to these they like the "look" of his swing? His tempo? Swing plane? Resulting ball flight?

I hope you don't settle for such subjective standards because we don't!

In the analysis below, Schwartzel's swing is compared to the RST model, which is:

  • 100% based on objectivity and science.
  • Biomechanically perfect in terms of efficiency and safety.

You will learn that from an efficiency and safety standpoint, Schwartzel's swing is, in fact, one of the best swings on Tour these days.

You'll also find out what you can take from him and implement in your own swing.

Most importantly, though, the video analysis below highlights aspects to avoid if your goal is the biomechanically perfect RST.

Check it out now!

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