The Top 4 Sources for How to Get More Swing Speed in Golf

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find out where golf swing speed comes fromFind out how important lag and release are!

It’s time to find out, once and for all, how to get more swing speed in golf.

You may be surprised to learn which swing moves produce the most power.

In this video, I’ll show you the top 4 sources of club head speed, along with the actual swing speed radar results to prove it.

You’ll find out:

  • If the TV "talking heads" are right about hip speed,
  • How minor changes in arm elevation affect swing speed, and
  • How much lag and release add to an explosive impact position!

Check out this ground-breaking video now to see the top sources of swing speed and to start crushing the ball!


Checkpoints for Practice

  • 1. Torso Rotation ~40%
  • 2. Elevation of the Arms Vertically ~20%
  • 3. Right Arm Firing 10%
  • 4. Release of Wrist Angle 30%

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