Tiger Woods Swing Analysis: Discover Tiger's Power Move

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Published: February 20, 2014

If you want to blast golf shots farther than you ever thought was possible, try tapping into the same source Tiger uses for tremendous power.

Tiger Woods head dropFind out if it's OK that Tiger's head still drops a lot.

Tiger gets a lot of attention on this site, but contrary to popular opinion, it's not because you should copy his swing.

The RST system allows you to achieve the best the human body can produce; it doesn't limit you to what a popular—yet flawed—golfer does.

Of course, Tiger, like most pros, makes a number of biomechanically correct movements that would be great to incorporate into your swing.

The swing analysis video below will point out how well he uses his core to produce club head speed you'll love.

But it also covers a couple of movements you are better off avoiding to play your best and protect your body.

Check it all out now...

Video: Tiger Woods Golf Swing Analysis

(Note: Click anywhere on the video below to play it)

Follow Tiger's Lead for More Than Just Power

Tiger Woods' power move described in the video provides all these benefits as well:

  • Improves faulty weight shift (the #1 problem with most amateur golf swings)
  • Increases lower body stability in the downswing
  • Tames overactive hips

How You Can Implement Tiger's Power Move

This site has a TON of resources that show you exactly how to ingrain this fantastic lower body action.

Here are just a few you need to check out to begin building a strong, stable downswing:

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