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Published: February 18, 2014

Something that many people struggle with in the one plane swing is learning to rotate the body rather than slide through impact.

Long-time golfers who have been using a more traditional swing are used to lifting the arms and having to drop and give them time to move back down. This makes a slide feel like a very natural and fundamental thing to do.

However, when it comes to the one plane swing this can create a lot of problems, so it's something that needs to be overcome when you're learning this new way to swing the club.

Rotation in the Rotary SwingRotation back and through is critical to the one plane swing

Eliminating the Slide

Rotation back and through is very, very important in the one plane swing. There's no sliding.

Never do this!Never do this!

There's a small amount of natural lateral movement - in the sense that you're not leaning back - but everything stays in place as you turn your head and shoulders back, then everything kind of stays behind and rotates through the shot.

It's critical that you never make the move shown at right. That sliding movement affects everything in the golf swing.

We talked about this when we looked at missing shots to the right. The slide is a huge part of what causes those nasty shots to the right, high blocks, and flippy, quick snap hooks with the hands as you trying to save the shot.

You absolutely have to learn how to rotate the body properly so you don't slide and drive your hips into the ball. You have to learn how to rotate.

Here's How: The One Legged Drill

This drill is very simple.

Take a midiron - Chuck is using a 7 iron in these photos - and go ahead and tee up the ball to keep it easy at first.

Place the ball directly off your left toe or heel, then put all your weight on the left leg. Pull your right foot back behind you. It can touch the ground for balance, but your weight is all on the left.

Now just hit some simple little golf shots while standing on this one leg.

Rotation in the Rotary SwingRotation back and through is critical to the one plane swing

Now if you try and slide you can't possibly make good contact. You have no choice but to learn to rotate back and through this shot.

Use your whole body to turn rather than moving off the ball and then sliding back into it. You won't be able to hit the ball properly if you do that.

Start Small

Just make little half or three quarter swings at first, then rotate through the shot and let your back leg come around into a natural finish position as the rotation of your body pulls it through.

If you're falling off balance, that's obviously a sign that you've got some work to do on your swing. Balance is a huge fundamental here. You have to be able to stay perfectly balanced as you make the swing

One Legged DrillOne Legged Drill: Setup and backswing

There's nothing special about the swing itself. It's just a little half swing to give you the feeling of rotating around the shot.

Set up on your left leg. Get all the weight on the left. Get very centered over the ball, then turn back and turn through.

When you move on to making full swings on both feet, you're going to focus on maintaining that same sensation. Your weight will be more centered - you're not going to keep all your weight on one foot in a regular shot - but you want that same sensation of rotation through impact.

Make a slow transition between the One Legged Drill and full shots on both feet. Start out with a little more weight on your left foot, and then as you hit more shots and get more comfortable you can get more centered.

Work on rotation. Work on these one legged drills, and watch your golf swing improve!

One Legged DrillOne Legged Drill: Impact and Finish

Checkpoints for Practice

  • There is no place for "slide" in the Rotary Swing - golfers who are used to a traditional swing often have to unlearn this move
  • The One Legged Drill forces you to rotate rather than slide
  • Tee up a ball off your left toe and put all your weight on the left foot
  • Pull the right foot behind you - it can touch the ground for balance, but should not bear any weight
  • Make half or three quarter swings to practice your rotation

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