Diagnose, Fix Your Overswing or Across-the-Line Swing

Want to Learn One Drill that will Teach You All 10 Consistency Keys of the Pros?

stop crossing the line in golfYou can finally stop overswinging and crossing the line!

With a long and across-the-line golf swing, you'll probably struggle to play with consistency and retain lag.

If these issues have plagued your swing, you know fixing them isn't as simple as trying to swing shorter.

So, we added another Fault/Fix video series that covers these issues in depth.

In these new Intro and Overview videos, I’ll show you the 4 main causes of overswinging and getting across the line, and you’ll learn how to fix them.

You’ll find out:

  • How to load your body in a way that naturally restricts you from overswinging and crossing the line,
  • How overswinging causes you to lose lag, and
  • How to analyze your own swing by comparing the wrong way to the pro swings of Tiger, Sergio, Snedeker, and Ernst.

Check out these new videos now to tighten up your swing and start hitting powerful, controllable shots!


Checkpoints for Practice

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