Step-by-Step Golf Over the Top Drill: Guaranteed to Work

Want to Learn One Drill that will Teach You All 10 Consistency Keys of the Pros?

over the top drill with a stickLearn this drill and stop slicing now!

Are you tired of yelling “Fore!” when you hit big, nasty slices off the tee?

If so, here's a drill that will prevent you from slicing the ball...I guarantee it!

You’ll hit more fairways, and less “who knows where it will land” shots.

This drill will teach you:

  • How to hit from the inside so you can watch your shots draw, and
  • How to roll over your release and square up your club face.

Check out this drill now to hit more draws and stop hitting those score-destroying slices!


Checkpoints for Practice

  • Place Stick on Target Line
  • Swing to Right of Stick in Follow Through
  • Focus on Shoulders Closed
  • Swing to Right Field in Baseball

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