Improper Weight Shift in Golf: How to Diagnose and Fix It

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why you should not bump your hip in golfThe "hip bump"...a common and dangerous piece of advice!

Improper weight shift is the #1 problem in most amateur golf swings.

Yet, I hear a lot of weight transfer advice that's just flat-out wrong.

Not only can these weight shift myths throw off your consistency, but they can also cause hip and back pain and possibly injury. 

You shouldn't be sore or worn out after a round.

In the Overview video, I'll show you 3 common weight shift myths and how you can analyze your own swing to determine exactly what you need to correct!

You'll find out:

  • Why "bumping" your hips may be dangerous to your health,
  • How keeping your weight "stacked" can cause inconsistency, and
  • How leaving your weight on your left side can cause chunked shots and a loss of distance.

Check out both videos now because a proper weight shift is essential for a safe and consistent swing!


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