9 Days to Amazing Ball Striking: Introduction

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Published: February 11, 2014

The "9 Days to Amazing Ball Striking" lesson series will teach you how to gain complete control over your ball flight and ball striking. You will learn how to hit a fade, how to hit a draw, how to hit the ball low, and how to hit it high.

Have you ever been out on the course and hit five or six shots out to the right - out of bounds, in the trees or in the water - and had no idea how to fix it? Once you can control these four critical factors you'll know how to fix the problem and straighten out your ball flight every time.

You'll practice these techniques on the range, so as soon as you see a ball flight you don't like, you'll know what you need to fix and how to do it.

How it Works

On Days 1-8 we're going to go over exactly how to control each of these aspects of your ball flight. We'll work in segments, stacking pieces on top of each other, the same way you learned the basics of the golf swing.

Rotary Swing Instructor Clay BallardRotary Swing Instructor Clay Ballard

In fact, it's the same way you've learned basically everything in life. When you study math you have to learn addition and subtraction before you can learn advanced calculus. This lesson series follows that same type of progression.

When we introduce a new move we'll start by talking about how to move your body correctly. We begin with just the physical movements, often without even holding a club or hitting a ball.

Then as you become familiar with the proper body movements we'll start to stack additional pieces onto them. You'll pick the club back up, then use the club at half speed, then finally move on to using the ball and hitting full shots.

Taking the time to perfect each move, one step at a time, allows you to concentrate on exactly what you need to do, without the distraction of ball flight or the pressure of hitting a good shot. You just focus on making the correct movements.

Work Through the Series in Order

These lessons must be done in order. Start with Day 1 and work through all the drills. Don't just watch the video, go straight to the final drill, and head out to the range. Work through all the pieces.

Clay introduces the seriesClay introduces the series

It's a good idea to work through them right in the comfort of your own home, learning to move your body in the proper way. It doesn't matter if you're sitting in your living room or out on the range; as long as you're moving your body correctly, you're practicing good fundamentals.

Work through each video, start to finish, in the order they're presented. Follow the entire program for Days 1-8.

Once you have completed Day 8 you'll know how to do all the moves. On Day 9 you'll get a great drill to help you practice all the moves together out on the driving range. It's also how we'd like you to warm up whenever you go out and hit balls. In fact it's the same drill Tiger Woods uses to practice his ball striking.

Learn the Secret to Hogan's Success

We'll also be giving you one the techniques that helped Ben Hogan become such a great ball striker. We'll explain Hogan's valuable tip and give you a drill that will show you how to apply his technique to your own game.

You'll also learn many other tips and tricks to help you eliminate your slice, eliminate your hook, be able to hit the ball high or low, and just have complete control over your ball striking.

Join Rotary Swing Instructor Clay Ballard for 9 Days to Amazing Ball Striking!

Checkpoints for Practice

  • The 9 Days to Amazing Ball Striking series covers the four critical factors in controlling ball flight
  • Learn how to hit a draw or a fade
  • Learn how to hit the ball high or low
  • The series concludes with a drill tying all your new skills together - the same one Tiger uses to practice his ball striking
  • Learn one of the secrets to Ben Hogan's success and how to incorporate it into your own game

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