Golf Biomechanics - Core/Hip Rotation Exercise

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Today we're going to do a Core Rotation Exercise. This will help you get more speed and power in your swing so you can hit the ball farther.

You're going to use your obliques to do this, so this exercise will strengthen that muscle group. The obliques are the muscles that run down your torso on each side. They help you rotate your hips.

Core Rotation ExerciseCore Rotation Exercise

You will be lying on the floor for this exercise. Keep your upper body flat on the floor, then contract the obliques on the left side of your body, pulling toward center. This will rotate your hips, lifting the right hip up off the ground.

Contracting left obliquesContracting left obliques

Now contract your right side obliques, pulling your left hip off the ground. Again, keep your upper body nice and flat on the mat. Don't push with your arms to get your hips up off the ground; just contract your obliques and let them do the work.

Contracting right obliquesContracting right obliques

If you haven't done a lot of exercises with your obliques before, really concentrate on feeling each side individually. Focus on contracting those muscles and letting them pull your hips off the ground on the opposite side. Don't push with your arms or your shoulders.

This will strengthen your obliques, and help you get a lot more distance and power in your golf swing.

Checkpoints for Practice

  • The obliques are muscles that run down each side of your torso and allow you to rotate your hips
  • Lie flat on the floor for this exercise
  • Contract your obliques on each side in turn, allowing them to lift the opposite hip off the ground
  • Keep your upper body flat on the floor, and do not push with arms or shoulders - allow the obliques to do the work

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