Scott Piercy Golf Swing Analysis: Stop Getting Stuck

Are big blocks and snap hooks killing your scores?

If so, the free video at the end of the article may help you identify the culprit.

scott piercy vs tiger woods downswing stuckYou need to look more like Woods than Piercy at this point in the downswing. Watch the video for a great swing thought (about 6:40 in) to get you there.

A lot of better players I see have a tendency to get “stuck” in their downswings.

This means the club is coming too far from the inside and swings out to "right field" through impact.

There is no choice but to "flip" the club face during the release in an effort to save the shot.

This swing flaw often stems from an attempt to increase distance. Many players develop this habit as children to try and keep up with their older competitors.

Yes, it can be powerful, but consistency is sacrificed because rotating the club face so much through impact is tough to time.

I played with many college teammates that would block the ball 60, 70, even 80 yds to the right as they bombed 300+ yard drives, clearly the result of getting stuck on the downswing.

Scott Piercy is having similar results. He is 15th in driving distance (just over 300 yards) but 154th in driving accuracy.

This can lead to many of his hot and cold rounds.

So, if you want to

  • find out if you are stuck,
  • hear a great swing thought for getting your hands more in front of your body,
  • eliminate the blocks and hooks, or
  • find out what SECRET lies in the right forearm that can fix your stuck position forever, 

you will want to watch this video right now!

Fix Your Flying Elbow & Stop Getting Stuck

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