Zach Johnson Golf Swing Analysis

You can swing better than Zach Johnson.


Zach Johnson halfway down positionWatch the video to find out what Johnson's doing here that you should avoid.

Of course, Zach Johnson's got a nice swing that has obviously proven highly successful on the PGA Tour...but there are still flaws.

The video at the end of this article will point out many of the great qualities of Johnson's swing and also his inefficiencies.

Find out what Johnson needs to work on, see what applies to your own swing issues, and then use this website to correct those flaws.

After all, you'd likely be thrilled to have a very good swing like Zach Johnson, but why settle for that?

Follow the RST, 100% based on science, to eliminate injury-producing movements as well as compensating movements like those Johnson has to make.

You'll end up with a picture-perfect swing your buddies will admire!

Watch it below now...

Video: Zach Johnson Golf Swing Analysis

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