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Published: August 10, 2021

Pretty good over the top move. Huh? Do you know what causes that? And more importantly, do you know how to fix it?

Swing plane

Is all about understanding how to fix the inside stuff, not the outside stuff you see

When most golfers have a golf swing like that, that can

Weigh over the top and hit these giant pool slices. The way that they're typically taught to fix it is with some sort of visual or mental cue. And the one that you've

Probably heard the most often and probably paid good money to hear this tip for is, Hey, you're swinging over the top. So all I want you to do is pretend that you're swinging down the first baseline. Well, if

That worked, everybody would be fixed already, but of course, that doesn't work because it doesn't change anything in your swing. It doesn't change the mechanics of what you're doing.

Now. All you end up doing is trying to take the club way outside and then try and drop it inside, manipulate it with your hands and wrists, and then hit a big flip at the bottom. None

Of that stuff works to fix your swing plane. You have to fix. What's actually broken. Now I've talked about pushing versus pulling and how that caused you to come over the top. But there's another critical part that talks about fixing the fundamentals of swing plane. When you're working on your swing, never try and take the club away, outside and loop it under. That is the silliest thing you'll never ever get any results other than learning how to tie, try and time a you

Know, a huge flip with your hands at the bottom.

Cause you're not fixing swing plane the right way to fix your swing plane. You've got to understand the inside determinant of swing plane. Remember everything with rotary string starts from the inside out. We've got to look at how the body's moving first, not the club. We couldn't care less about the club yet until your body's moving correctly because here's a little secret for you. As soon as I fix your body, the club's going to fix itself. You're never going to be out there practicing drills, trying to make the club go on a certain plane or path ever again with rotary swing, you're going to make tiny little adjustments with just your body and that is going to fix swing plane. And the first thing we're going to talk about is your spine. So add address, you need what's called axis tilt and all that is if you held a club up through your, your sternum and your belt buckle, and you slid your hips to the left until this club hits you in the knee, that's tilt. You're just tilting your spine angle away from the target. What that does is immediately presets a predetermined swing plane. Now, most golfers set up with no axis tilt or even reverse tilt because they're so right-handed. So right-side dominant that they want to get this hand on top of the club in a powerful position and they get their head in front of the ball at a dress. This is a

Super common setup position, the ball way back in the stance. Hands forward,

Head forward, spine upright. I guarantee you no matter how much you try and manipulate that golf club, you're still gonna swing over the top. But watch what happens if I add access, tilt, watch what happens to my swing plane

As I start down because I'm going to have more

Access tilt as I start down.

So watch what happens. All I'm going to do right now is just change the angle of my spine. And you're going watch. Tell me what happens

To the pitch and attitude, the chef. So first what happened?

It steepened, right? All I did

Move my spine toward the target simple things. So from face on all I did, I have a little bit of axis tilt here and I lose that access tilt. All of a sudden the shafts deepens.

Now I'm going to do the opposite. Now look what happened to the club. Try to move my arms or hands at all. In fact, they're in the exact same position in relationship to my chest that they were started. But all I did is changed the angle of my spine. And I did that with a first fundamental rotary

Swing, which was weight shift. The first thing you're going to learn is how to properly shift your weight because not only is it build powered momentum in the swing, but it creates the swing plane. As you start shifting your weight and understanding of the position that your spine should be in. You'll never ever swing over the top again, and you'll never ever chase all these random swing tips of how to swing down the first baseline, loop it out and drop it in that stuff's silly. You want to fix your swing? You're going to fix your body first.

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