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Published: August 10, 2021

You ever seen a golfer do that? Or has that been you before we wrap up today, I want to give you one last little nugget of information that this alone can completely change your ball striking today. If you go out to the range and try it out, if you tend to set up the wrong way, you see what I did there is that I moved from the top. My force of movement was from my right side, that pushing motion, which creates all of this force, wanting to go out that way. And then I also set up on the balls of my feet. And then of course I fell over and hit it. Fat, most golf instructors still today, teach golfers, just set up on the balls of their feet. You probably heard this a million times and the adage is you want to feel like a shortstop ready to go in any direction. You want to feel like a diver going off a diving board.

Well, why I'm not a diver, I'm not trying to dive forward. In fact, I

Want to actually do the opposite. I don't ever want to fall forward when I'm hitting a ball and a shortstop. Well, what's the job requirements of a shortstop. You're auditioning for the New York Yankees today. And I want you to put on your resume what your skill set is and what your qualifications are at your setup position to be a shortstop for the Yankees. Well, you're going to say, well, I'm on the balls of my feet with my knees flex so that I can do what, what's the number one job requirement. Stop. I need to build a move in any direction at a moment's notice. And I don't know where that direction is going to be. It could be to my right, my left. I could have to go back. All of those things are critical for shortstop. So yes, he needs to be on the balls of his feet with his knees flex spring in there, ready to move in any direction.

Totally agree. Now tell

Me as a golfer, what your job requirements are, where are you trying to go? You're not trying to go anywhere. It's the dumbest thing on earth to set up like a shortstop. When you're trying to do the exact opposite, your job requirements are that you want to be stable.

Quiet, centered. Anchored

Does have nothing to do with a shortstop or a diver or a basketball player in the triple threat in golf. You're trying to stay quiet. Your lower body. Doesn't move all over the place. In fact, the ball is in fact stationary. So why on earth would I set up with the requirements like a shortstop? When my body is actually designed engineered to bear load through the center of my ankle. In fact, if you dropped a line from my ear hole, it would go straight through the center of my shoulder, my elbow center, my hip back on my knee center, my ankle. That's how I, all of us are structurally engineered, unless you got bad posture, everybody is designed. Even if you have bad posture, you're still designed to bear load through the center of your ankle in golf. The one of the most critical things that you need to do at impact when all of these loads and forces are very high is make sure the weight is back over the center of the ankle at impact. Because if you don't, that's the way to tear up your knee because you move your primary balancing joint from your hip, which is, is nine to pivot like this all day long

To your knee, which has very little rotational

Movement. It's a ball at hinge joint designed to do this. Yes, not this.

So when you're working on your golf swing, make sure that one little thing that you practice is you start working on setting up over your ankles. The ankle to the center of your foot is our guideline. And all of a sudden you'll find that you have a way more balanced, way more stability. And that's just one of the setup fundamentals that will change your game from rotary swing.

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