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Published: August 10, 2021

Imagine stepping, coming up to the first tee at your next round of golf and crushing the ball over 300 yards down the middle. Just like that seems impossible. Right? Well, not only is it possible in the next few minutes, I'm going to prove to you that not only can you learn to hit the ball like a tour pro, but any swing flaw that you struggled with can be fixed in less than 60 minutes with this revolutionary new five-step system. This revolutionary five-step system can fix any issue, no matter how long you've struggled with it in your golf swing. If you're a typical over the top slice golfer, like so many are, and just 10 minutes with one video, you're going to be able to understand not only exactly why you slice and why you haven't been able to fix it in the past, but it's going to teach you the one key move that you need to shallow out the club consistently, just like the pros.

What about if you're casting the club and losing legs? So many golfers struggle with this and it cost them tons of power and consistency and control over the golf ball. Well, again, the fundamentals rotary swing approach to it because it's going to give you one simple thing. That's going to help you understand why you've cast it. It it's going to show you exactly how to fix it, and you can do it in minutes. In fact, too, in just a few minutes today, you could have, have more lag than you ever know what to do with. It's going to give you more power and more consistency in your golf swing, but talk is cheap in the golf world. I want to prove it to you. So how do I prove that my system is so revolutionary that it can fix any golfer's swing? Well, I came up with an idea.

I took it on the road. Yep. We did a rotary swing road show and I drove from Colorado all the way to Southern Florida and back and made dozens of stops along the way and took a bunch of random golfers who I'd never met before. Never worked before, worked with before and fixed all of their golf swings in just minutes. And in fact, no lesson was more than 60 minutes long and we took every single aspect of their golf swing and turned it upside down. If they cast the club, they've got lag like Sergio Garcia. If they're swinging over the top of the Cubs perfectly on plane. Now, how can I do that? Has little to do with me. It's all about the system. This fundamentals based approach to the golf swing is unlike anything you've ever seen. And I'm going to prove it to you in just a minute, in order to prove the power of the rotary swing five system.

I went across the country and took dozens of random students who I'd never met before. Never worked on their golf swings before and gave them a golf lesson and videoed the entire thing and posted the video of the lesson up on YouTube. Now, for many of you, you are completely blown away. Cause I got thousands and thousands of comments saying you're the best instructor in the world. You're the Philando Fernando Alonzo of golf instruction. That's not really the case. I'm nothing special. It's the system. The fundamentals based approach to rotary swing deploys can fix any issue that you have in your golf swing often in just minutes. And that's what you're going to see in these roadshow lessons. The roadshow lessons proved that following the systematic approach to the swing and less than an hour, you can fix any issue that you have in your swing.

If you've cast the club your whole life, if you've come over the top, if you flipped it impact every single one of those types of swing flaws was addressed in these dozens of roadshow lessons and all fixed in that lesson. In fact, most of them were addressed and fixed and just minutes, not an hour, but 10 minutes, you can fix casting the club over the top. It seems crazy to think that if you've struggled with this for 20 or 30 years, but the road show lessons prove it they're uncut lessons of the entire hour long or 30 minute long lesson showing you there's no camera trickery involved. We didn't go and wear the same clothes a week later after we did tons and tons of drills or hit balls for hours. This is all happening in real time and fixing every single issue that you have in your golf swing in real time using this fundamentals based approach to the golf swing.

Now I know a lot of you started giving me a lot of very flattering comments. I really appreciate that. But again, it's not about me. It's about the system. The system will work for every single golfer, male, female, young, old, it doesn't matter. I'm going to prove it to you. So I want you to actually take a look at some of these roadshow clips yourself. So push pause right now. If you haven't taken a look at some of these lessons and I've put some links to some of the videos down below and a link to where you can go and see all of them. If you've got hours to burn and just want to see how powerful this system really is.

Here's one of the road show lessons on YouTube right now. And let's look at some of the comments while you listen in. As I teach this golfer, how to swing the club properly,

Come down really and hit balls like that. Again, don't worry about where they go to the contact or that stop. You're just going to slowly start getting comfortable with that. But if you do that hitting foam balls here at top stop club release, then you'll be able to do it with a real ball as well. But at the top stop release and the ball will go where you want it. You don't need your right hand on there to do all of this stuff. Once you get comfortable with it, where you got that feeling and the sequence, and it looks like what we're doing right now in the video with the ball there. That's when you start keeping the right hand on there longer and longer. So eventually when you keep doing that, you keep them both on there and the ball will go

Well. Hopefully you had a chance to look at some of these road show lessons and see the incredible results that were produced in just minutes. And you can start to visualize how quickly your golf swing can change with just getting the right information. Now, this system is so powerful that I literally guarantee that it's going to improve your golf swing. Now that sounds pretty crazy, right? There's no guarantees in the golf world and certainly no guarantees in golf instruction, except for rotary swing. We guarantee that your golf swing is going to improve. Your buddies are going to swear that you're cheating. Once they see the improvements that you're making in your golf swing, just by spending some time going through this RST five step system. And I'm going to explain why the system is so powerful in just a minute, but first let's take a look at why you haven't gotten the results that you've tried to get. You've worked so hard for you spent thousands of dollars. You've spent countless hours pounding balls, buying new clubs, training, aides, golf schools, you name it, but why have you not gotten any better? That's really what I want to talk about. First. I want to talk about the real key is what's missing in your golf game and how we're going to fix it.

So what is your experience been with golf lessons?

You said it earlier, you get better for a short time consistency. Anybody else experience that static positions, static positions. If you make it look like forever, that this position, that that's where you're supposed to be. Yeah, that was one I got, uh, like things like

That. Yeah, really common. What happens typically after your golf lesson revert back, it's pretty common. That's pretty much been most everybody's experience. They take a golf lesson and you're going to learn exactly why it may help for a second because they see a fault. They look at a symptom, a ball flight is typically the, the, the judgment scale, right? You're slicing it. Well, let's strengthen your grip, insanely strong. It can be really hard to slice it. And when now you develop a massive hook or you can't release the club, you lose power so on and so forth. And so it's like treating cancer with putting a bandaid over it. And your golf swing has a lot of cancer in it. That's the problem with it. Instead of cutting out the cancer and just taking your medicine and learning how to swing correctly, everybody just wants to slap band-aids on it.

If you think about it, people spend an insane amount of money and time and energy into learning how to play golf. And yet the handicap has stayed virtually exactly the same for the last 60 years. Something insane like that. Look at the improvements in equipment, the golf balls that I started out playing. I learned how to play with tour Baladez with a wooden set of clubs. And my irons were literally Lee Trevino butter knife blade from the seventies. That's why I learned how to play on. Now, these giant bobble heads, the balls that don't spend that much. And yet the golf swing, the golf scores are the same. The golf courses do the golf course. I learned how to play on it. Didn't it didn't even have grass on half of it. Yet. The scores are the same. Look at how much better the conditions are, how much pure the greens are.

Everybody's still stinks. So the problem is not getting better equipment and getting a bigger head on the club. And so on. It doesn't help anything. If the club face is open at impact, the company is open and impact. It does not care that it's a $400 driver. It's very simple, basic physics. So a big problem with it is that golf instruction looks at a very symptomatic approach and they teach you exactly what he learned to follow. Whoever that instructor happens to think has a great golf swing. And this is not happened for just a short period of time. It's always been like this. When you look at this collage of pictures, what's the first thing that comes to your mind. We've got Jones on the top left, who we

Got here, Hogan

Of course, right? Famous Marianne one. One-arm Nicholas and tiger. Right? What's the first thing that comes to your mind. When you see all of those guys grouped together, these guys were all the best of their era. Hands down, nobody could hold a candle to them. They dominated, right? These guys absolutely were the best of the best of the best. What's more interesting to me is that every single one of these guys completely change the face of golf instruction. You may not realize that this was the original Michael breed of his day. Bobby Jones was the first guy on television, schlepping golf tips. And everybody tried to swing like Bobby Jones, right? Cause he was the best. How many people spend like Bobby Jones today?

Absolutely. Zero, not a single person at any elite level of swings. Anything remotely like Bobby, you couldn't even come even remotely close. It's like, he's a dinosaur compared to everybody else. How about Hogan? We've got Jonathan bird's kind of close, right? It was Hogan had a huge impact relatively later in life later. Era of golfer. How about Nicholas? How many guys swing like Nicole? [inaudible] how many guys swung like Nicholas in the seventies and sixties on the PGA tour? Pretty much all of them. Everybody had this classic reverse C with the funky looking knickers on with the plaid pants and the horrible attire. These are Weiskopf Watson. Nicholas. All of these guys had this massive reverse. See Johnny Miller. That was the thing in the seventies was to have this massive use. Reverse. See so many golfers did what I did and followed the greatest guy. Who's dominating everybody.

Well, this must be how it's done. Let's swing like him. Nobody has this big reverse seat anymore. Hardly if they do they're have hip problems, right? There are maybe on the seniors to it. And they were on their fourth or fifth hip replacement. The shark comes out. He's kind of a hybrid of Hogan, a little bit flatter, but a little bit more body oriented. He's on the top of the number one golf rankings for what 330 weeks or something insane like that. Everybody starts trying to follow normal a little bit. And then of course the big game changer when tiger comes on board, how many of you have ever had your swing up next to tigers on, in a lesson, on a video, right? Tiger is the be all end. All right. If he's, if he's swinging like tiger, then he's a greatest and that's what you should do.

Every single guy has completely changed the way that you've been taught. And it's been maybe at a subconscious level, but this is the problem with golf instruction is that it's a lost puppy dog. It doesn't have a set of fundamentals. That's based on science and fact it's based on whoever happens to really well at that time. Now look at tiger. What did tiger shoot yesterday? Wait, a couple 76 was back to back, missed the cut right at Torrey Pines. A place that he's absolutely dominated. Let me one there seven times or something insane. Like eight times at Torrey Pines. He guy can't even make a cut. Now, are you kidding me? So how many people are going to teach you to swing like tiger? Now? I'm not a very good sales tactic. Oh, come on. I'll teach you to swing like tiger. Who's going to be the next one.

There'll be another guy on the slide before long don't know who it's going to be yet, but there will be another one that is the problem with golf instruction. The bigger problem is that. And the reason this is this way is that there's very little to no understanding of anatomy and kinesiology. That's not something you typically hear at a golf lesson, right? But the reality is that golf is anatomy and kinesiology. The most important thing is understanding how your body moves and why it's supposed to move that way. The golf club by itself is not a fundamental of the golf swing. It's going to upset some people, if any, the golfing machine guys in here, anybody read that book, Homer Kelly's book, nobody. Wow, you guys aren't real serious. Diehard, golf, nuts. That's good. The golfing machine guys only care about what this golf club does.

And for the most part, whatever this golf club does is going to dictate what that ball does. I completely agree with that. Nothing else impacts what the ball is going to do other than the club. But this club by itself is useless. Swing yourself, go hit the ball, come on. No matter how much I sit here and yell at it. It's not going to do anything. What's going to move that golf club. You are right. Your body. What's going to tell your body what to do your brain. If your brain doesn't give your body the right information, that golf club can't do the right thing. How could it, is it just going to magically figure it out? The golf club is stupid. There's nothing that golf club can do on its own. It's not a fundamental of the golf swing. Believe it or not. So what you've got to do is understand how the body works because the body is the only thing that's going to move the club and to get the body, to do what you want it to do.

You have to understand how the brain actually learns a new movement pattern, because that's exactly what you're here to do. Whether you realize it or not is to tell your brain how to do what you're asking it to do. Because right now it doesn't know most people. The reason that all of us have gone through the same experiences with golf lessons is that you've taken a lesson. Your instructor, hasn't made you follow along with the laws of how your brain actually learns you practice for a little bit. You kind of get into a little rhythm and groove, and then the next day you wake up and it's gone. You might go out and shoot the best round in your life. And the next day, shoot 20 shots worse because you're not communicating with your brain the right way. It only learns one way. And that's what we're going to spend this entire morning.

Focusing on a big part of this morning is helping you understand this because the anatomy, kinesiology and the physics of the club and the movement of all that stuff is not that complex. Honestly, none of it's that complex, but understanding how your brain learns is going to be the biggest game changer. Because everything that you've been trying to do to practice the way that you've been practicing is the reason you're at another golf clinic. Or maybe this is your first golf clinic. And hopefully your last, because once you understand this, it's going to be very, very simple to teach yourself how to swing a golf club. Out of all of this is what rotary swing is really all about how your body moves is black and white. You and I all have the same muscles. They all attach in the same place and they all move the bones the same way at the same joints.

Now, everybody seems to think that we should all swing different and that there's, everybody has their own golf swing DNA. And that's just how you swing. And it just is what it is. And that's not true. We all should swing the same way unless your body has different muscles that attach at different places that move different joints is anybody have different muscles and different attachment points in this room? None of us, right? We're all built the same way. Some of us may have a little bit different flexibility or different strength or whatever it matters, whatever that stuff is, none of that matters. The stuff I'm going to show you to do. And I'm going to prove it to all of you today that all of you have enough flexibility and strength to swing like tiger woods to get into the same positions, to accomplish the same look that he's doing. Now, you may not be able to do it very fast yet, but you will be able to achieve those positions because you, the flexibility and the amount of mobility that's required to swing the golf club biomechanically properly is not very much. It's very normal average mechanics. I

Hope that little clip from one of my golf clinics helps you understand that the problem isn't you, you are not the issue. The issue is the information and the way it's been given to you when you've taken golf lessons, golf instruction as a whole is the failure in this scenario. If you want to get better, you've got to completely revamped the way golf instruction is done. And that's exactly what rotary swing has done. And I want you to think for a second, how much money have you spent on golf schools and lessons and new clubs and fittings and training aids and so on and so forth, add it all up. Is it hundreds of thousands? Is it tens of thousands? Think about all your country club memberships, all of this stuff adds up, but are you really any better? Are you the golfer and the ball striker that you really wish you should be, and that you should be for all the amount of money that you in time and effort and energy that you've put into your golf game?

Well, the only solace that you can take away from that is that you're not alone. Most, every golfer on the planet is frustrated with their golf swings, just like you, because the golf industry again has failed everyone as a whole. The golf instruction world is the issue, and that's what rotary swing addresses. You should be frustrated and you should be angry because for the amount of time and energy that you've put into golf and haven't gotten any better, if you did it in anything else, you'd be better. If you took tennis lessons, you'd be a better tennis player. Tennis is standardized. They've developed a way to teach that's fundamentals based, and that everybody is taught the same way. And that is the seat, the grit to rotary swing. Now I also was in your shoes at one point, and that's where golf instruction really became to the forefront of my understanding of why golfers weren't getting any better because I played professionally for eight years.

And during that time, and before I turned pro I struggled with my golf swing, just like you didn't have the same flaws that you did. In fact, I had a horrible looking golf swing when I first came out and tried to play professional golf. And I went to all these different instructors and tried to get the lessons that I thought would help me get to that next level. And I went into the best of the best to the big name pros who have worked with guys. Who've won PGA championships and major championships and are the best and the bet of the best. But every single time I walked away disappointed and frustrated and more confused and often hitting the ball even worse than before. Now. The key to that is that that became the catalyst for me and the catalyst for you getting a great golf swing because as I went through this whole frustrating process of years of not getting any better and actually getting worse, I finally said, you know what?

I'm going to start all over again. I'm going to look at the golf swing from the inside out. What is the body designed to do? How is the club designed to be swung? What is, what are we really trying to do with this swing, plane, and path and all these things and doing that over 15 years, we developed the rotary swing tour five-step system, and that is going to completely revolutionize your game because it's taking all the things that didn't work in the golf instruction world, tossing them out the window and starting over with a fresh approach. Now I know that you probably like so many others, you may be frustrated with your golf game right now and are just completely ready to quit the game. In fact, I can't tell you how many students I've had over the years. Who said, you know what, Chuck, if you can't help me with my golf swing, I'm quitting the game and I'm picking up fishing.

Well, I hate fishing. So I won't lose you to that. RST is exactly what you've been searching for. It's going to help you increase your swing speed. In fact, I use this five step system to learn, to swim over 129 miles an hour. It's going to increase your consistency. It's going to cut down or eliminate working on your golf swing. In fact, I don't even practice. I don't work on my golf swing anymore. Once I mastered these five moves, I haven't worked on my golf swing in five years and I can still go out like you saw there and pound a 300 yard drive down the middle of the fairway without trying. So if you'd like to not have to practice on your golf swing all the time and work on things and constantly fighting. Think about 50 million different swing thoughts. RST is exactly what you've been looking for because not only is it going to help you with your golf swing, but it's also going to help you prevent injury because we looked at it from an anatomical and biomechanical with the help of world-class neuro and orthopedic surgeons that are going to make sure that you're not only swinging the way your body's designed to, but if you've got a current golf swing injury, like a sore golfer's elbow, sore, hip sore back rotary swing is going to not only teach you exactly why you feel that way in your golf swing, but it's going to help you correct those issues.

So you can play pain-free golf forever. Okay. I get a Chuck. I've seen some of the roadshow videos. The stuff seems pretty impressive, but give me a little bit more. Why should I really invest my time and energy into the rotary swing five subsystem? Well, I could go on and on about the eight years that I played professionally in the millions of dollars that my students who've won, who played on the PGA tour, the last 23 years of my teaching career. But that would be completely missing the point because working with tour pros, it's been the easiest part of my job, working with amateur golfers and taking somebody from a 30 handicap to a five handicap. Now that takes some skill. I like to think of it this way. You have a Ferrari in one hand and a Hugo in the other, the Ferrari it's already set up.

It's got all the fundamental core pieces that it needs to be a high performance vehicle. The Hugo, not so much, we don't have a good chassis. We don't have a good suspension. We don't have a lot of power. So how do we get this Hugo to perform like a Ferrari? Well, there's a lot of steps that you've got to take in between an understanding how to get that performance out of that. You go to perform like a Ferrari is where the true essence of golf instruction lies. You see working with tour pros. It's a little tune-up here and there a little tweak here and there. And all of a sudden, you squeak out another second per lap, just from making little tweaks, but the Yugo needs a whole fundamental overhaul. It's way harder, 10 times harder to take an amateur golfer who swings like a 30 handicap and get him to swing like a five handicap and do it in under 60 minutes.

That takes some skill. So that is really my calling card. Taking somebody who really, really stinks and making them have all the key fundamentals of that Ferrari of that tour pro and doing it in less time than anybody else. But again, it's not me. It's the five-step system mastering. These five fundamentals is the key because that's what separates the Ferrari's from the Yugos the tour pros from the amateurs. You see all tour pros have the same five key fundamental moves in their golf swing that they've already mastered. Sure, their swing planes and positions at the top and so on and so forth may look different, but those are variables of the swing. What you need to worry about are the fundamentals and RST. The rotary swing five step system is a fundamentals based approach to the swing. That's not a quick tip bandaid, take the club way outside and try to loop it under that stuff is nonsense and doesn't work.

So you don't need to worry about D plane and S you know, 10th of a degree angle here and angles of your swing plane, all that stuff, and tell you have these five fundamentals master. And if you have these five fundamentals mastered, you are going to hit the ball as well as anybody on the planet. That's what separates the tour pros from the amateurs. Now, yes, I've been doing this for a long time, and you've seen all the results from the road show videos and so on. Hopefully if you haven't taken a look at some of those by now, take a look at them now, because I'm going to start moving on to some more of the details of how you're going to get the most out of your golf swing for the rest of your life. If you've seen the roadshow videos, you've seen undeniable irrefutable proof that this five step system completely works and is insanely powerful.

And it's been used by my students by hundreds of thousands of students on rotary to improve their swings. I've proven in the road show that you can fix any swing flaw in just minutes, no matter how long you've struggled with it. Now I know that RST will improve your golf swing. In fact, I'm so certain I guarantee it now. That seems pretty crazy. How can I guarantee without ever seeing your golf swing without ever touching you and giving you a hands on golf lesson? How can I guarantee that that system is going to improve your golf swing? I'm going to come back to that in just a second, but I first want to ask you a question. I want you to think to yourself. If somebody came to you and said, Hey, I've got this magic pill. And if you take this magic pill, when you wake up, you're going to be the ball striker that you've always dreamed of.

Right? And it seems a little facetious, but work with me here for a second. How much would you pay for that, that magic pill? Well, let's think about it for another second. How, how much have you spent on golf? We've already talked about this earlier. You've probably spent thousands and thousands of dollars trying to improve your swing and really not gotten any better. So this magic pill that you could take would probably, we be worth a lot of money to you. Maybe it'd be worth $5,000, $50,000. It doesn't matter. The point is that that magic pill actually exists. It's not actually a pill. It's in an online five step system. That's going to guarantee improvement and results in your golf swing. So what's this worth to you. Okay, Chuck, this sounds amazing, but there's gotta be a catch, right? Well, unfortunately there is a catch, but it's a little one you see right now at this very moment, there are thousands of other people watching this exact same video.

And while I would love to be able to help all of them with their golf swings, I simply just don't have the capacity to do so. We don't have the bandwidth because as part of your membership, you're also going to be gifted six free online spring reviews worth well over a hundred dollars by themselves. So you're coming out way ahead already on your $20 a month membership. But I only have so many trained certified instructors to perform these reviews to help you work through the five-step system. So I can only take so many students at a time. And so there's a limited number of people who I can give this offer to. So you have to sign up now in order to make sure that you get into the system. Otherwise you'll just have to wait and we'll put you on a waiting list. And once another opens up, we'll get you in there.

But for now, if you take advantage of this offer, you're going to be able to get in because I have 50 spots open right now through the end of the week, once those 50 spots are taken, it could take months before we open up some more spots. So make sure that you get in. Now, now this $20 a month program and the six swing spring free swing reviews is the deal of a lifetime. I'm going to guarantee that you get better. You're going to get help with trained certified rotary swing tour, professional instructors, and you're going to improve your golf swing. But that alone is not all I'm giving you. You see, there are three other courses that I'm going to walk you through that are going to be gifted as part of your membership. The first one is your bomb. Your driver course, this is going to teach you how I hit the 300 yard drive.

You saw the opening of this video. It's going to help you understand all the fundamental techniques that you need to optimize your perfect launch conditions. Getting fitted for equipment, understanding equipment, understanding how to increase your swing speed and more. Then I'm going to give you my short game course. It's going to walk you through all the keys that the tour pros use to hit off any lie to get up and down from anywhere. And then I'm going to give you my Jack Nicholas golf secret Putin course. It's going to teach you the one thing that Jack wished he had changed in his career about us putting to make him an even better putter. And lastly, for signing up today, I'm going to give you a 10% off coupon for any training aid in our store. So not only for 20 bucks a month, you're getting over a hundred dollars worth of golf lessons.

You're getting these three courses that are also worth over a hundred dollars and 10% off the store off any training aid that you need to help you with your journey to becoming the golfer that you really want to be. Not only that, but at the end of the day, as I mentioned earlier, I'm going to make this completely risk-free for you. I'm going to offer a hundred percent money back guarantee for life. Think about that for a second. If you're a golf swing, doesn't improve over your lifetime. I'm going to give you every single penny that you ever spent as a member of rotary swing back. No questions asked now how on earth can I do that? Well, think about it for a second. I've been in business longer than anybody else in the golf instruction world. In fact, I started the online golf subscription membership business back in 2004, there was no golf and golf subscription sites for instruction on the net.

We created this market. So we've been at this longer than anybody else. And we still offer this lifetime money back guarantee. And we're still in business. Well, that should tell you something. We produce results nobody's ever asked for their money. Back in 15 years, if they go through the system, they get better. That's how I can offer this lifetime money back guarantee that nobody else in the golf industry can do. Go to your head tour pro or your teaching pro at your local club and ask him for a lifetime money back guarantee. If he doesn't help you with your golf swing and see what kind of results you get back, I'd love to hear it. So rotary swing we've been around the longest. We've got the lifetime money back guarantee. We've got the best system in the industry. We're going to guarantee results. So why else would you consider anything else?

Well, rotary swing also is not just all about helping you get better at golf. We're a family run business. My wife and I have ran this business for 15 years. In fact, Christina, my wife handles all the customer service. We're not some big corporation just trying to rip you off and sell you some other gimmicky training aid each week, just to keep you around a little bit longer. We're a family run business. And we have members who have been with us for 15 years since we started, because we treat them like family, because our members are our family. We guarantee you're going to get better. We're going to treat you. You like family. If you call, you're going to get my wife on the phone for customer service. If you have any issues like you lost your password or whatever, we're a family run business, we're going to get you better. We guarantee it. So if that sounds like the kind of family that you want to be involved in, and you want to take your golf swing to the next level, click the button down below, join rotary swing today and secure one of your spots of the next 50 and make sure that you make this year, the best year ever for your golf game.

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