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Published: September 8, 2016

Are you tired of sucking a golf?!  Yeah I'm talking to you!  Golf is simply not a fun game when you're not hitting the ball well.  However, when you're hitting the ball lights out there are few games that are more fun.  But how often does that happen?

For most golfers out there it's a rare occurrence, and they have a better chance of being struck by lightning.  And at times getting struck by lightning seems like a good alternative to playing bad golf.  I know there had been times in the past when I was playing in a tournament and not playing well and I wish I was at the dentist, that's how much I hated playing bad golf.

However, that hasn't been the case for me for many many years now.  Why?  Because the Rotary Golf Swing online training system completely changed the way that I swing the golf club and hit the golf ball.  In fact, I rarely even practice anymore.  My ball striking has gotten to the point where it is a zero to little maintenance part of my golf game.  That's because this golf improvement system is all about teaching you to move as efficiently as humanly possible and that's why my golf swing looks so effortless.  I get compliments on my golf swing all the time about how people wish they swung the golf club like I do and the reality is I'm actually working a lot less hard than they are and getting much better results.  When I see a high handicap golfer at the driving range swing as hard as he can and only drive the ball 200 yards it makes me sad.  That's because I know if they go through the Rotary Golf Swing online training program they will learn how to swing exactly like me, and by doing so will take a tremendous amount of strain off their shoulders, their back, their hips and the amount of time they have to practice.

If you're serious about your golf game and you really want to improve your golf swing, you need to pay close attention to these three reasons that you're not improving currently that I discuss in the video below.  One of the key reasons is that most golfers don't align themselves with the laws of physics.  The physics at work in the golf swing are applying a tremendous amount of force both on your body, the golf club, and on the ball itself.  These forces are so high that a driver swung at 100 miles an hour effectively weighs 100 pounds at impact.  Imagine trying to move around a 100 pound sledgehammer, and you can see how difficult swinging a golf club and being very accurate with it can be.  When you combine the amount of precision that's required to hit a golf ball straight and the speed at which the golf club is moving, golf becomes a very technical challenge indeed.

The physics of the golf swing are discussed at great length in this video here.  One of the key points that is discussed in this golf instruction video is the concept of pushing versus pulling. Basically all movement that you perform in the golf swing is a push or pull.  By breaking it down to something simple like that you can really start to understand where the forces in your golf swing are coming fromand how to correct them.  The most common and proper movement in the golf swing is pushing too hard from the right side of the body.  This is because most golfers are naturally right-handed and they want to use their dominant hand to try and control the golf club.  Unfortunately this is the exact problem that creates such high handicap golfers in the world.  Golfers must learn how to swing with their left arm to control the golf club rather than the right and this perfectly aligns with the laws of pushing versus pulling and centripetal and centrifugal force.

One of the other common problems with the golfer who is struggling with his swing is they don't understand how the brain actually learns a new movement pattern.  Everything that you're doing with the golf swing is simply a movement pattern.  These movement patterns are learned through repetition, whether they are good patterns are bad patterns is for your golf instructor to decide but in most cases they are not ideal movement patterns.  However, you enforce them by continuing to repeat the same faulty movement pattern over and over again. To learn a new movement pattern, you must repeat proper movement patterns over and over again in the same way that you learned that bad ones.  However, most golfers don't simply follow this law of how your brain learns a new movement pattern.

Most golfers read a golf tip in a magazine or see one on TV or hear it from their buddy and then instantly run out of the driving range and think about the tip while pounding balls at full speed.  This typically leads to the result you should expect from trying to learn this way and is the equivalent of me teaching you how to drive a car in the parking lot for your first time driving a manual transmission and then putting you in the Indy 500 the following day.  It's not going to end well for you or the car.  Nor will this type of practice work well with your golf swing.  You simply can't learn something by reading a tip and then going out and trying it at full speed.  You haven't learned anything in your life this way.

To truly learn a new movement pattern you must take away a lot of the distractions that will make it more difficult for you to focus on the task at hand.  The biggest distraction is the golf ball. How many of you tell yourselves you make a perfect practice swing but when you get over the ball you swing like you're falling out of a tree?  By removing the ball, you can focus on the new movement pattern and doing it perfectly so you can more quickly get in the required number of reps it takes to learn a new movement pattern.  And this will help you do the movements perfectly  which is a requirement when you're trying to learn something new.  It doesn't do you any good to do the reps incorrectly.  While this seems commonsensical and logical, hardly any golfer follows this ideology.

The Rotary Golf Swing online golf instruction videos walk you through learning of the perfect golf swing, step-by-step in a sequence that removes all the distractions and slowly adds them back in as your brain can handle them.  So at first, we even remove the golf club from the equation.  You start out by doing drills with just your body and in fact I even take your arms out as well by having you fold them across your chest so that you can focus on the core body movements.  It's learning to move your body from the inside out.  

Another really common reason that most golfers struggle to improve their golf swings is they don't focus on their body movements from the center.  They focus on moving the golf club with their arms and hands and shoulders rather than moving the golf club by moving their body first.  The golf swing can be thought of as something as simple as a wheel with a hub.  A hub is where the movement is coming from that is moving the actual spokes on a wheel and the tire itself.  The tire is is simply moving because it is being moved by the hub and spokes.  Not the other way around.  However, most golfers try to be the tire.  You want to be the hub.  The hub doesn't have to move very far.  Yet the tire moves a great distance, because it is further away from the rotating center of the hub.  The same is true of the golf club.  It moves a great distance, but if you are only having to focus on moving your body a small distance then it's much easier to get the golf club to go where you want it to.

However, most golfers get led astray here because when they take a golf lesson their instructors are only focused on moving the golf club and how it affects the golf ball.  Rotary Golf Instruction teaches the opposite.  I'm going to get you to move your body correctly first and that will in turn move the golf club correctly, which will in turn move the ball golf ball correctly. The body doesn't move very far in the golf swing, so it is very easy to learn these core movements very quickly that are laid out in the RST five step system.  Because of this, you can learn in an accelerated fashion, far quicker than you will learn any other way on the planet.  It is this same methodology that I've used on my own golf swing that has allowed me to build a very powerful, efficient and safe golf swing that allows me to hit the ball over 300 yards.  If you want to do the same, you need to start working through each of the steps of the 5 Step System and all of a sudden you will see that your body is really the engine of the golf swing.

And just like in a car, if your engine isn't working correctly, it doesn't matter how cool your car looks.  It's not going to be very fast.  In the same way, if you have a really pretty looking follow through, but your movements aren't coming from the correct place in your body you're not going to hit the ball very well.  The key is to focus on teaching your body to move these very small movements and focus on nothing else until these movements are mastered.  Once that occurs we will stack on another piece in the Five Step System.  This involves adding your left arm back into the golf swing.  Once you are comfortable moving your left arm or more specifically having it be moved by your body.  Then we add a golf club back into the mix.  Once we have the golf club added back, we finally add your right arm back into the golf swing.  This allows you to add more speed to the golf club without having to work very hard to do so.

The RST five step golf swing training program is the fastest way for you to learn how to make a tour pro quality golf swing.  I guarantee it. If you're tired of struggling with your golf swing start with step one and just focus on weight shift and you will be surprised at how many things start to fall into place in your golf swing when you just shift your weight correctly.  The entire weight shift module is included for free in a free membership at Rotaryswing.com so you can start at no risk today.  If you're tired of sucking at golf then what are you waiting for?

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