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Published: April 19, 2017

Hey hey, Rotary Swing golfers. It is my great pleasure to bring to you the 2015 Master's Champion, Jordan Spieth, who is now #2 in the world golf rankings. We're going to be discussing a topic that we've covered in the past, and that's how to use your trail foot properly down in the hitting area so that you can use it as a brake, and that's gonna allow you to release the hands and arms independently from the body and be at max speed at impact and also can help you be a lot more accurate. So let's go ahead and take a look at this.

                All right guys, so as I said in the opener, we're going to be discussing a topic that has created a little bit of controversy in the golfing world about how to use your trail foot properly in the golf swing so that you can stall the lower body out and in return release the hands and arms independently from the body so you can be at max speed at impact, and it's something that Jordan does really well even though it's not necessarily what we would consider to a Rotary Swing model swing move, he still does it well enough that I want to showcase it. So let's go ahead and take a look here.

                I'm going to go ahead and get Jordan down to an setup position. We're going to go ahead and work into the takeaway. Notice how the hips start to shift and load up into that right side. And then as he starts to work his hands and arms up into the vertical plane, pay very close attention to his hips. I'll point out his belt loop right here. Pay close attention to his hips, how they're not really moving or rotating at all. Okay, so he's got that right side loaded up and ready to rock and roll. And if we want muscle groups to kind of fire in order, we want to load them in order, so obviously we want to start our downswing with lower half, so you see him kind of shift, load into that side, and now he's going to start his downward move with a really good strong transition, so let's go ahead and take a look at this.

                So now he's going to start to unload here. He gets back into that square hip and square knee position. This is a great move. We actually have a video on the website that I'm sure you guys have all seen. It's the Squat to Square video that Chuck did. It's a great video to teach you how to start the downward move with the lower half, providing that you've already loaded your right side up properly. All right, so you can see that he's done that really well, unloading into that lead side. And now this is where he is going to start to push with both legs. He's actually using his trail foot to push a little bit down in the hitting area, and he's also driving up off of that left foot as well.

                All right, so the reason why I say that this is not necessarily to a model swing standpoint: we would normally like to see this trail foot down on the ground, this trail heel, but rolled all the way to the inside part of the trail foot. And when you start to push really hard from that trail side, you can see that he's actually rolling to the outside part of the lead foot here, and in turn, that can put a lot of strain, a lot of pressure, on the knee and the outside part of the hip girdle. It can start to strain the actual labrum. So you know, obviously, he's still making a very good pass at it, and he's still from when I show you guys these next few moves, you're going to see that this trail foot becomes a good break in his golf swing.

                So let's go ahead and mark a few things here. I'm going to mark where his foot is off the ground, and I'm going to go ahead and mark his belt loop back here. Okay, this is his belt loop; this is his club face. All right, so he's at the release point of the golf swing so now watch these next few moves. So he's going to stall this lower half out. The lower half is not really rotating at all. Notice the trail foot as he's releasing it through here. The trail foot is not lifting up off the ground any further than it was. And the belt loop actually hasn't rotated any further than where it was. It actually moved a little bit forward because he's still transferring his weight into that lead side.

                So this is a great example of how to use that trail foot as a break so that you can release the hands and arms independently. He's now moved this golf club a good seven to ten feet from where it was at the starting point over here where we had it, where he's starting the release. So it's something you can actually try out. If you held a golf club over at the 9 o'clock position, held it you know, kind of tight where your wrists were kind of locked in place and then just spun your body back and forth, you would notice that you can't really get the club moving very fast. That's because the club is only going to move as fast as your body is rotating. But then if you shifted your weight to the left and then just released your wrists, you would notice that you can get the club moving really fast.

                And that's what we're trying to preach here is that we want to be able to work efficiently through the hitting area and that's what we are trying to do. We're trying to load the body up, unload it, stall it out, and then release it, and in turn, you're going to be at max speed at the hitting area where it counts the most. So, that was the whole point of today's review is that I wanted to show you guys a really clear example of how Jordan uses that trail foot and in turn he's obviously playing some of his best golf. He's hitting a lot more greens now. The kid putts the lights out of it. And it's just a great example of how we want to use the lower body. But you can be a little safer with it by making sure that lead side is stabilized.

                And a couple videos that are going to help you out with that is Perfecting Lower Body Stability. That's a video that we just put out. Squat to Square is another great video. And then the Roll of the Right Foot. Those videos are all going to help you with your lower body and help you motor up and power up your golf swing. All right guys, so that's our review on the 2015 Master's Champion, Jordan Spieth. I hope you guys have a great day, and let's play some great golf.

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