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Published: April 19, 2017

Jason Day just won the first round of the FedEx Cup Playoffs of the Barclays this past weekend with a blazing final round of 62. So congratulations to Jason Day and if you've found yourself struggling with getting a lot of good extension through the hitting area or trying to figure out a solution on how to do so or maybe even battled with that little bit with a chicken wing problem, then you want to pay close attention to today's review because I'm going to show you guys a great way to start building some tour like extension just like Jason Day. Let's go ahead and get started.

                Okay everyone, so we are going to be focusing in on getting you some extension in your own golf swing much like Jason Day.  Now we have done a lot of analysis on him as of late and this is one of those areas that a lot of golfers struggle with at home is "How do I get extension and how do I overcome a lot of that chicken wing kind of appearance to the hitting area." So the first thing I want you to understand is is what is causing a lot of that to happen. What's causing your hands to work left rather quickly and not get that extension and what's causing my chicken wing?

                Well, think of it this way. If you were to take your right shoulder and you were to push it across your center.  So if you were to take this right shoulder and just go ahead and push towards your center to where your right shoulder would end up pretty much where the logo of Jason's shirt is right now. That would number one, that would rotate your shoulders open and it would turn your shoulders very level to the ground. Okay, so that would be one, one of the common mistakes or one of the common things you would see in your own swing if you have a lot of right shoulder push is that if you were looking at your golf swing from a down the line perspective, I know we have a face on her today, but if you looked at it at a down line perspective you would see that your hands work left and around your body very, very quickly. So you wouldn't see your club extending out in front of you for a very long time, you would see that your hands work left and that could also attribute to the chicken wing part of the golf swing as well.

                Now, that's the main culprit that we see for the path starting to change, there's a lot of big right shoulder push, lots of right arm push. Now, what causes the big chicken wing? Well, that is going to be you pushing your right arm across your center more than anything else. And what I mean there is if you were to actually dead lock your chest, hold it very still, and you can hold the golf club and you were just to push your right arm across your center, your center being your spine area, your sterum, whatever you want to use as a center point, and you just kept pushing this all the way across you, and kept pushing your left arm is eventually going to break. Okay so that is what is going to give your the appearance to the hitting area.

                So what do we want to do to correct that? Well, the biggest thing that I want you to understand is that we got to eliminate the right side from doing any sort of excessive pushing through the hitting area. And you're going to hear me talk about a video in particular quite a bit, Chuck and myself, we talk a lot about "Five Minutes to a Perfect Release" and in step four in that video, when I'm going to get to that here in a minute. Step four talks to you about how to reach underneath and grab the golf club properly. 

                So let's go ahead and take a look here and I'll get into that here just a second. All right, so we are going to make Jason axis tilt at the dress, we're going to mark his shoulder line, okay, so you can see he's got good tilt here just inside the lead knee, and then down here in the hitting area you're going to see an increase in axis tilt. Okay, so here we are at impact, there's the increase in tilt, and there's the increase in the shoulder line as a result. Now this is the where the extension starts to come in. If you are trained to allow the right hand, which Jason's right hand is very relaxed at this point, if you are trained to keep your right hand very relaxed and you feel that your wrist and your forearms are rotating over the top of each other, then in turn what's that's going to do is, is it's going to allow your hands and arms to act independently from the body and it's going to allow you to start to get extension.

                Okay, so one area that I want you to focus on is actually the head position and I want you to focus on the shoulders. So, we're going to mark the head here and we're going to mark the shoulders again. So head position because he is increasing tilt here down the hitting area. You're going to see his head move away from the original starting point. And now you see the tilt in his shoulders starting to increase now. Here's where post impact, you're going to see the shoulder plane starting to step in here quite a bit. So the left shoulder's moving up, the right shoulder moving down, and underneath, and now we have a ton of extension. Hands are about chest height and this is the big area where a lot of golfers kind of misunderstand what's going on. It's how do I steepen my shoulder plane?

                Well, step four, right about the six minute mark and five minutes to a perfect release is going to train you on how to do that. It's going to train you on how to get into this, kind of this weird side bend position. Now, don't worry about the side bend position when you start to rehearse it. It might be a little uncomfortable at first but you come out of this position so quickly in the golf swing that you would really never even feel it. So, a game plan for you to start to get good extension is, number one, pay close attention to your head position. Don't allow your head to move this direction to early because that could be caused from your right shoulder kind of moving across your center. Kind of picking your head up a little bit too soon and make it very difficult for you to keep your arms extending down the target line.

                But I also want you to pay attention to your shoulder line and I think a good way to start to encompass this is aside from not allowing the right hand to push through the hitting area is maybe start working from a nine to three section. Maybe focus on working from hip high to hip high with just a little bit of weight shift and feeling like you're keeping your head really quiet and letting your wrist and your forearms stay relaxed and release and extend through the hitting area. One golf swing drill I've done in the past with some students is that I put an alignment stick out here in front of them on the ground. I stick it in the ground so it's straight up about four to six feet in front of them, between where the golf ball is down here and where the target is, and I say "Okay, just from some shorter golf swings here, I want you to keep your head very quiet, I want you to shift your weight over to each side, and I want you to feel like your wrists are rotating over the top of each other where your club can extend out and touch this alignment stick in front of you."

                And we do several reps of that and we slowly start to ramp their speed up and in turn now we're getting their shoulder plane to naturally steepen and we're starting to get a lot more extension without having the right side of the body over power, over dominate the move thought the hitting area.

                All right guys so if you've been struggling with extension then check out "Five Minutes to a Perfect Release" right at the six minute mark, okay. There's step number four in that video is going to teach you how to stay back and keep your right hand reach underneath to get the club, you'll start to feel what it's like to have the shoulder plane steepen. If you've been struggling with a lot of that right hand push through the hitting area then go right back to step number three, that will help you with that as well. And then also the right hand release video, okay the right hand coming off the club. These videos are going to be over here to the right hand side to the video player. The recommended videos tabs so go ahead and click that and you'll be well on your way in getting a lot of extension just 

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