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Published: September 2, 2016

The Rotary Golf Swing Step by Step Online Golf Instruction Video System!

The Rotary Golf Swing 5 Step golf training program is designed for golfers who are serious about their golf swings and want to make the biggest improvement possible in the shortest amount of time. We've helped over 280,000 golfers acheive this goal by teaching students not just WHAT to work on their golf swing, but WHY and exactly HOW to do it. The RST 5 Step System should be gone through in a specific order. It's important to follow a sequence when you're working on your golf swing because everything in the swing of cause-and-effect based. What you do at your golf setup affects what you're going to be able to do during the takeaway the backswing and so on.

So if your setup is terrible there's no point in worrying about your backswing position at the top because you simply won't be able to achieve a good top of the backswing position.

Your spine angle largely dictates swing plane. So if your spine angle at address doesn't have enough axis tilt you'll tend to reverse pivot as you go to the top. Because of this the Rotary Golf Swing step by step system is laid out sequentially so that you can work through each piece of the golf swing step-by-step.

The step-by-step golf learning system starts with one of the most important fundamentals of the golf swing, if not the most important, and that is weight shift. Thevast majority of golfers don't shift their weight correctly, if at all. But weight shift is one of the most important things to get the golf swing to sequence correctly.

If you don't shift your weight during the golf backswing like so many golfers have been taught not to do, then it's nearly impossible to shift in the downswing without pushing very hard off the right leg. That's because the natural movement of shifting to the right helps give you momentum to shift back to the left. This momentum is a critical part of the golf swing that allows you to use momentum as a source of speed and movement rather than activating the muscles in your arms and hands.

So many golfers overuse their arms and hands because they don't use their body weight to help get the golf clubs started during take away. In fact, your arms and hands can stay very relaxed during the golf takeaway as you want them to do if you shift your weight first which will give you momentum to start moving the golf club. But weight shift isn't just important during the takeaway, it's absolutely critical to initiate the downswing.

The transition of the golf swing is the most critical part of the golf swing and really the crux for most golfers as they struggle with this mightily. And that is because they didn't shift their weight during the backswing and now they have nothing but their arms, hands and shoulder muscles to change the direction of the club from the backswing to start moving back down toward the ball during the downswing. This change of direction will require a fair bit of effort and tension for the muscles in your arms hands and shoulders if you don't use weight shift to help change the direction of the club. Whether you realize it or not, as the club swings to the top it has a fair bit of momentum. You wouldn't want to get hit on the top of the head with a golf club during the backswing. So the key is to use your big muscles to initiate the transition and that is all done by shifting your weight.

So you can see just by making one little change to your golf swing something, as simple as correcting and perfecting your weight shift can have a huge ripple effect throughout your entire swing. If you struggled with your transition to the downswing you might want to look at your weight shift first! Hence the reason weight shift is the first thing that you're going to master in the Rotary golf swing five-step system.

Once you master weight shift, the next thing you're going to work on is rotation from your core, both in the backswing and the downswing. Core rotation is critical and the primary engine of any golf swing. It's the reason the pros look like they move so effortlessly and you feel like you're swinging as hard as you and still hit the ball avhundred yards shorter than the average professional golfer.

All of the pros on the PGA Tour use these very same RST fundamentals that you're going to learn.

Once you've mastered core rotation the next thing we're going to do is add the lead arm which if you're playing golf right-handed is your left arm. The left arm is the primary control arm in the golf swing because the only the core rotation you're then going to focus on adding the lead arm into your golf swing. If you're right-handed the lead arm will be your left arm. The left arm is the control arm in the golf swing because it's the only arm they can do the pulling motion that is required to stabilize the club face throughout the entire downswing and into impact.

From there, we add the golf club back into these step-by-step golf swing drills, and then finally the trailing arm. This system will make learning the golf swing easier than you ever thought possible and ensure you a powerful, safe and efficient golf swing!

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