JB Holmes vs. Brittany Lincicome Golf Swing Analysis

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Published: April 21, 2017

If you've been looking for that secret move to put in your golf swing to put more power, then you're going to want to pay close attention to how one of the tour's longest J.B. Holmes and one of the LPGA Tours longest Brittany Lincicome use their lower half in the down swing sequence to perfection to build a lot of power and a lot of club head speed. Now, let's go ahead and get started. 

                Okay guys, so as I said in the opener, we're going to be taking a look at two of the longer players on their respective tours. J.B. Holmes, who's now 7th on the PGA tour averaging well over 300 yards, and Brittany Lincicome is averaging 260 plus yards, and in 3rd place for total driving distance on the LPGA tour. One of the big things that we've got to really understand before we really get started here is that to effectively swing the golf club at 100 miles and hour, we need to have more than 30 pounds of muscle available to us to be using.

                A lot of times golfers get wrapped up in trying to use mostly their arms and their shoulders and their chest to produce all that club head speed, and there's just not enough muscle available up there unless you've been one of those people that spends a lot of time in the gym and you've really worked out your shoulders and your arms, and you've got all that muscle. Generally speaking, it's very difficult to product that kind of club head speed from those smaller muscle groups.

                So what we want to think of is where do we have our biggest muscle groups available. We talk a lot about the core. We talk about the abs, the obliques. We certainly want to talk about the glut muscles because the glut muscles are really kind of our chunkiest muscles that we have available to us, and a lot of times if we kind of focus on hitting the golf ball with our legs, you'll be way more powerful in your golf swing, and you'll be able to use the power coming out of the ground. You'll be able to use it for moving things up the kinetic chain and then obviously turning that stuff into massive club head speed.

                Let's go ahead and take a look here at both players. It's just going to be one very common move that you'll see. I'm going to go ahead and work both into the take away here, so they both stay extremely wide. If you've been having an issue with trying to get your swing wide into the take away. The video keep the right arm straight to turn. Both of these players do that extremely well, so you're going to see here at the completed take away both arms are very wide. They've rotated their shoulders about 45 degrees. Then I'm going to go ahead and get Brittany up to the top of her swing. This is where the big move is going to start to happen.

                Both players do not get the golf club back past parallel. They actually stay short of parallel. I think that's another big myth that you've seen in a lot of golf swings like an old John Daley swing where he had it wrapped around his neck. Now granted, he did hit the golf ball a long ways, but there was also a ton of sequencing that happened in his move, so we don't need to have the golf club wrapped around our neck in order to get it going the other direction really quickly. We just need to have proper sequencing.

                What you're going to see here is the big power move right here. This is where we're going to start to hit the golf ball with our legs. So right here, that big move. All that movement in the upper body is being created by the lower half. Okay, right there, that big kind of sitting move, so we're over loaded into the right side, and then we're making a big sitting movement into that lead side. Very similar move out of Brittany, changes directions, and now she's sitting into her lead side.

                What you guys will notice here, when they get their hips and their knees back to a square position here, take notice that their hands have not really dropped much below where the sternum would be here, the center of the chest. Brittany's might be a fraction lower here, but one of the big things is that we try to pull our arms down or we try to unwind our shoulders, so the movement from the hips where we had them roughly 30 to 45 degrees wound up, and then bringing them back to a square position has unwound the shoulders in both players. Now we're starting to work the power up out of the lower body. We're starting to try to get ourselves posted up. We're leveraging the ground, and then we're going to be stalling the body, and then releasing the golf club allowing the hands and arms to act independently from the body. Then in turn that's when you're going to be at max speed down here at impact.

                All right, so that's the big power move is that if you've been struggling with trying to find more power in your golf swing, we really need to work on sequencing things. We've got a number of videos on the website that could help you out with that. Some really great information on how to use your hips in the golf swing. We also have the drill for down swing sequence. We got a weight shift drill, and then starting the down swing before completing the back swing. That's another good video that's got a drill in there. All these videos are going to be in the recommended videos tab to the right of the video player for you guys. So if you want to put more power in it, then let's get to work on not using those smaller muscles in the upper body. Let's use those big muscles throughout the lower half, and you'll be well on your way to bombing it well past your friends.         

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