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Sequencing the Downswing - Dump Truck and Drag Racer

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Sequencing the downswing is the HARDEST overall part of the golf swing - and also the MOST important. In this video, RST Founder Chuck Quinton walks you through a visualization you've NEVER heard before that will finally help you understand why you've struggled to build that effortless power in your downswing. You'll finally understand how the Tour Pros build so much speed in their swings while looking like they're moving so slow and smooth. Recommended Videos: How Lower Body Works

Video Practice Points
  • Shifting the lower body to start the downswing will help pull the shoulders and arms down. 
  • Try to keep your back to the target while you are sitting into the lead side. 
  • Once you have cleared your lead hip, your hands will have been pulled into the release point of the swing. 


In the first 3 videos of the "Keys to RST" series, we discuss how important simple physics are to the RST principles. We also discuss how you can work on getting into a controlled tour quality impact position and then how to speed it up.

Now that you have worked on impact and release, we are now going to work back up to the top of the golf swing and get you even more speed with proper sequencing of the body.

What do I mean by that? Well, there is a specific order in which your body must fire to start the downswing so that you can produce a ton of efficient speed. Most amatuer golfers struggle with this concept becuase they like to start the downswing with the arms and shoulders. This can cause numerous swing faults and really make it hard to get any sort of real clubhead speed.

Here is a REALLY important concept to a powerful downswing.

Kinematic Sequence = Swinging from the ground up in the golf swing.

How do we do it? Let's find out!

Disclaimer: Make sure you have shifted your weight properly to load up your trail side and made a good full turn to the top of the swing. Can't put the cart before the horse right?

If you just think lower body movements, you will be in great shape. All of the movements that you make with the lower body will dictate what the upper half of the body does in the downswing. We are looking to make a big shift into the lead side as shown in several RST videos:

Since the lower body is shifting and unwinding, you are creating torso rotation at the same time. This very dynamic movement of the lower body is pulling your arms down and unwinding the shoulders and continues to do so until you are posting up in the lead side and releasing the heck out if the club.

The big key is to actually trust that your lower body can do all of the heavy lifting. Amateur golfers are all wanting to generate a lot of power from the shoulders and arms because it just feels right to do so in the swing. I mean we can really bash the golf ball with our arms and shoulders right? Sure, you can hit the ball a reasonable way by doing that, but you are giving up a ton of speed and control.

Making a commitment to do nothing with the upper body in the downswing can be a tough pill to swallow and is probably going to make you feel like you are not going to hit the ball with any sort of speed. Don't worry, speed will be there when you release the club with more lag than you ever thought you could even get in your swing.

Let's recap and look at the golf downswing sequence...

1. Hips shift and unwind to the lead side.

2. Torso rotation unwinds the shoulders and pulls the arms down.

3. Post up in the lead side by pushing the heel into the ground and pulling the lead hip away from the target.

4. Release the arms and feel the speed at impact.

Check out a  great premium video called How the lower body works. In this video you will learn a drill called the "stride and stomp drill" and see a great way to learn how to sequence your golf swing properly.

Hi, I'm Chuck Quinton, founder of Rotary Swing Golf. If you looked at the previous three videos in this series I've talked a lot about the physics of the gold swing and how they help you understand how to properly swing a club and look like a tour player at impact instead of the typical amateur scooping and flipping. One of the critical concepts that we haven't discussed yet is the sequencing of the golf swing. Apart from the physics of it, the sequencing is critical for the physics to work.      

                So when we talk about creating lag, and we understand the importance of lag now if you've watched these videos and releasing the lag if you watched the last bonus video, what we have to do is sequence the golf swing correctly in order for us to have, to create, and to maintain lag and release it at the proper time. A simple way to do that is I call it the dump truck and the drag racer.

                It may sound a little strange, but it's going to make sense in a second. When you go to the top of your swing, what most amateurs want to do, again we've talked about pushing from the right side and casting the club and it will help all the detrimental things that the right side causes from the top of the swing.

                What we actually want to do is use our lower body first, our big muscles in our hips or our gluts, our core to sequence the swing first as we start down. We don't want to throw from the top with our arms. We want to use our weight shift in our lower body to help bring our arms down and to impact so let me show you just a quick sequence. What if I just use my lower body shifting my weight and turning my hips.

                Look how far my hands have been brought down. I didn't try to do anything with my hands. I have this nice lag angle now that I just need to release, and that's the drag racer. The hands can move really quick. The wrist can move really quick. The arms can move really quick. The lower body stuff is the dump truck. It has a lot of torque. It can move a lot of weight. It just can't do it very fast, so what typically happens in most amateur swings is they want to build speed really quickly, and they throw the club from the top, and as they do that they lose all their speed. They follow the drag racer too soon, and by the time he gets down here, he's out of fuel. He doesn't have anything left to hit with.

                The dump truck on the other hand can move all of this mass back to the left and pull the arms down into impact so then the drag racer can fire at the last second and get all the extra speed. To understand how to sequence the swing correctly, I've got some great drills that are going to help you work on this, and help you understand how the lower body works. I can give you a drill called the stride and stomp drill that's going to teach you how to sequence these things from step one to step three going through transferring your weight and turning your hips and getting them to a proper impact position. So click the link for how the lower body works, and take a look at this video.

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