Sean O'Hair

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If you're looking for PGA Tour players who emulate the Rotary Swing Tour golf swing, few do it better than Tiger Woods and Sean O'Hair, both of whom are featured in this video. When you slow their two golf swings down, it is amazing to see the similarities of the two golfers even though at speed they make look quite different. Both golfers do many great things in their golf swing, but you will also see a few things in here that can be improved upon that will make them better players.

  • Sean O'Hair swing analysis face on:
  • Pulling from the right, Sean gets a lot of shoulder turn and minimal hip rotation in Move 1
  • He shifts his weight and engages the lats to pull the arms back in front of his body
  • Sean gets up onto the balls of his feet - not great for control, but can provide power
  • At impact his hands are in front of his chest, spine angle maintained
  • Swing #2 from down the line:
  • Shaft gets steep in the backswing & right arm drifts away from the body, causing the hands to get stuck
  • His hips are very open and shoulders pointing slightly right, creating an in-to-out path & late release

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Craig Morrow did an awesome job explaining my last review. He said I was taking the club away with my arms and gave me some drills and after watching the Sean O, Hair video it painted a perfect picture, love you guys keep up the good work im definitely going to get more consistent
March 17, 2015
Craig (Certified RST Instructor)
Hey Phil. I'm glad you liked the review and understand what is going on with your swing. Get to using those big muscles and we will continue to make progress.
March 17, 2015

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