Golf Compression Laws Introduction | How to Compress a Golf Ball Video

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Learn about the 7 Laws of Compression in this video series! Solid and consistent ball compression is what separates the great players from the average players, and this video series will show you how these laws work and how to optimize your impact position. In this video, you'll get an overview of the entire Laws of Compression video series.

Solid and consistent ball compression is what separates the great players from the good players. Learn how to compress a golf ball with our 7 Laws of Compression video series.

Video Practice Points
  1. 6 Basic Laws to Golf Ball Compression
  2. In this Golf Video Series We Will Cover Each of Them
  3. You will learn the golf ball compression secrets of the pros

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7 Laws to Master Compression Introduction

Golf Ball Compression – The Science Behind the Sport

Perhaps more than any other sport, golf is a game of science. And similar to other sciences, there are certain laws you must pay attention to. This high-level knowledge establishes a better all-around appreciation of what goes into a great golf swing. Rotary Swing’s science-based approach is brought into practical focus with our Laws of Compression video series. If you know how to compress a golf ball, you’re well on your way to becoming the best golfer you can be.

Creating optimum ball contact is ultimate goal with this video series. Compressing the golf ball is what consistently separates the PGA’s top-flight players from the rest of the field. Some of big advantages enjoyed by the world’s top players are physical, but there are mental and physiological aspects as well. Each of our golf ball compression videos will reveal how to hit a golf ball with accuracy and consistency.

Compressing the Golf Ball – Discover a Better Way to Swing

If you can figure out how to compress a golf ball on a regular basis, you’ll become a better golfer, period. And that’s exactly the idea behind this premium video series. An effective golf swing has many factors going for it. Consistency for regular, repeatable results. Concentration for focus. And proper compression for the stroke-shaving, dynamic element that may be lacking in your game.

How to Compress a Golf Ball

Our golf ball compression videos are made to give you skills and knowledge you can immediately apply to your golf game. This approach has already worked for Rotary Swing clients, and it can work for you, too. This video series is all about proper ball compression. There are seven primary factors of golf ball compression, and our video series will break down each individual element for optimal comprehension. With real-life drills to sharpen your skills, our instructors will show you how to properly compress a golf ball. They are:

  1. Speed
  2. Path
  3. Club face angle
  4. Angle of attack
  5. Shaft lean
  6. Vertical shaft lean
  7. Face contact

Learn these 7 laws, and you’ll quickly discover the hidden keys to unlock better distance off the tee, greater accuracy on the fairway and better touch around the green. If you’re a regular golfer and you’d like to improve your game, chances are you haven’t studied the specific science behind ideal ball striking. Rotary Swing’s golf professionals are ready to elevate your enjoyment – and overall appreciation – of golf today. Sign up for exclusive content, including many golf ball compression videos only available to our Premium Members.

Solid and consistent ball compression is what separates the great players from the good players. Learn how to compress a golf ball with our 7 Laws of Compression video series. For more information about Rotary Swing, please contact us today. 

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