Maintain The Tush Line - Chair Drill

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In this video, you'll see how to use a chair on the driving range, to help you maintain your tush line once and for all.

Video Practice Points
  • Both cheeks touching the chair
  • Shift your weight
  • Pull the lead cheek into the chair
  • Try to keep the trail cheek against the chair as long as possible during the release

If you're stuggling with your hips spinning out and over-rotating in your golf swing?  Battling the loss of "tush line" can be a tough problem to overcome.  That's why we have created a simple drill featuring a folding chair that will help you FEEL the movements necessary to fix all the problems with your hips. 

Grab a lawn chair and let's get started with this simple yet effective golf swing drill. 

With a folding chair placed behind you as you set up in your golf swing, we want you to touch your left and right butt cheeks lightly on the chair.  The goal is to stay "glued" to a position that keeps your hips from rotating too early in the golf swing which will rob you of power. 

Take a few practice swings and get the feeling of keeping your right tush back so that when you transfer weight forward, you are fully loading the power of your swing. 

Practice this drill 30 or 40 reps and you should build the sensation you need to acheive proper hip rotation and maximum golf swing power. 

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