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Perfect Practice Makes Perfect

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Making your swing changes work for you on the driving range can be a very frustrating process. In this video, I'll show you a perfect way to structure your time on the range so that you get the results you are looking for sooner than later.

Video Practice Points
  • Each time you practice or drill, try to get 100-300 quality repetitions in. 
  • Figure out how much time you have available 
  • Structure the drill session around 5-6 reps before each shot taken. 

I know you've all heard that expression practice makes perfect. Well, in today's video, I'm going to actually switch your mindset over to the newer expression, perfect practice makes perfect. I know a lot of us want to go out there and hit a lot of golf balls, and it's fun to watch it fly. Believe me, I get it, but I'm actually going to lay out a very detailed game plan that's going to help change the way you practice and make it much more quality throughout the entire process, that way you get to see your swing changes start to evolve sooner than later.

                All right, so the objective of today's video is to lay out a good game plan for those of you that are going to go to the driving range and start to work on your swing changes. I know a lot of times it can be extremely frustrating when we get out there and we start bashing away at tons of balls and we don't see that immediate results that we're looking for. I'm like that. I'm just like you guys at home. If I don't see that immediate satisfaction, I'm like why in the heck am I taking golf instruction in the first place. Well, we need to change the way you approach your practice sessions.

                Let me ask you a question here first. When you go out and practice or you're starting to drill your golf swing or your swing changes I should say, what are you trying to achieve? Well, let me answer that for you. Every time you pick up a golf club and you start to drill, you need to be aiming between 100 and 300 quality repetitions. The operative word there is quality. We don't want to have quantity. We don't want to just rip out 300 reps and not have any sort of idea or kinesthetic awareness within the body of what we're trying to overcome. Once you understand that it's 100 to 300 reps, now I want you to ask yourself how much time you have available when you go out to the driving range. Well, today, I've got about an hour or so. I've got about an hour or so to hit golf balls. My practice sessions are going to be revolved around trying to get about 150 reps in with this one hour. What I'm going to do is I'm actually going to work on my swing change.

                From a hypothetical standpoint, let's just say I've been taking my swing reviews and my instructor said, "Okay, you need to work on getting a bigger, fuller turn in your golf swing." What I'm going to do is I'm going to set myself up here and I use a mirror, so if you don't have access to a mirror, make sure you use a camera. We do have mirrors on the site that these are the small ones that you can set on the ground. They're great for practice sessions. That way you can see to make sure you're doing the moves correctly, because most of the time feel is not necessarily a real thing in the golf swing. You could be feeling one thing and it could be totally off. It's really critical that you use a mirror or a camera.

                I'm going to say that my practice sessions are at 150 reps. I've got 25 golf balls down here. I don't have that big jumbo thing of balls where I've got 150 balls in there where I'm just going to hit ball after ball. That's just going to be like chasing your tail in a circle. What we're going to be doing here is I'm going to take my first three reps without a golf club. There's one. There's two. There's three. The next two reps, I'm just going to try to recreate those moves with a club. On the sixth rep, it's okay to start hitting a golf shot. Let that thing fly. You're still trying to focus on the body movements themselves. Stay committed to the body movements.

                Now, I got another great tip that's going to help you guys out at home because I see this so often and a lot of you that have gotten a chance to work with me privately or even online, a lot of times we're better off being blindfolded because we're so worried about the results down here. I'll tell you right from personal experience, I am too. I want to hit that thing and I want to make it go as far as humanly possible. Well, what we can do to overcome that and stop being so worried about the results from here and out there, is I want you to put a golf ball about four to six inches on the outside of this. Once you take your address position and you feel like you're nice and set up, good posture, I want your eyes to be focusing on this golf ball when you make your swing.

                Again, I've done my reps. Now, I've done the address position here. My focus is going to be on the golf ball out here. That's going to help you stat in tune with what your body is trying to achieve during your practice sessions. Try these drills out. Make sure that you understand number one what you're trying to achieve. It's going to be between 100 and 300 reps every time you pick up a club, or if you're just focusing on body movements. Find out how much time you have. I know that I want to hit 150 reps today, so I picked out 25 golf balls. I'm going to do five really good methodical drills in between each one of my shots. I'm going to go ahead and execute. You'll be to your end results way sooner than later, I promise you. Now, get out there, try it, and let's make it a great day.


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