Flagpole Concept - Losing Your Balance

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Stop losing your balance in your golf swing by understanding the concept of force of movement and leverage.

If you ever tend to lose your balance in the swing, typically it's what we call a problem from the force of movement, or where your movement is coming from at the top of the downswing. When you tend to fall over, if you've seen this guy at the range, we've seen this a lot, right, you go to the top of the swing and then they're like ...

                What's happening there is that the golfer is taking all of their force of movement, making it come from the top, when in reality you need your force of movement especially during the transition from the backswing to the downswing to come from your lower body, your core. We've all head this concept of you should swing from the ground up, but what does that mean exactly? Well, I'm going to tell you. Imagine a flagpole, so we're going to use my golf shaft here as a flag pole. Imagine a flag hanging off the top here. As that flag's whipping around in the wind, that flagpole, even though it might be made of steel or heavy medal, it can start to whip around because the flag, if it's a big enough flag, is using the flag pole to whip around because it's got a lot of leverage on it. If you took that same flag and moved it all the way down to the bottom of the pole, and then still had the wind whipping around, there would be way less leverage on the flag to move the flagpole around, and that's because there's just less leverage, right?

                Think of a crowbar. If you're trying to pry something open, if your pry bar is very very short, and you're trying to pry something open, you don't have nearly as much leverage as if you have a long crowbar trying to pry something open. That's why all of our golf clubs have a little bit of leak to them. They're not three inches long. Well, when it comes to leverage, that applies to everything in life, including your golf swing. When people swing from the top, their force of movement is from the top, their force of movement's from the top, like this flagpole idea. They go to the top and they use their arms and hands and shoulders in a futile effort to produce a lot of speed early on. What happens is they're taking a lot of leverage against their body, so their hips no longer work properly in the swing to try and shift and rotate, their hips instead try to stabilize and keep them from falling on their face.

                When you start swinging from the top, that's what's happening. You have a lot of leverage, and your body then tries to stop to keep you from falling over. Of course, what you want to do, is as you get to the top of the swing, your first move is shifting your weight, getting into that squat move, and beginning to rotate your hips. Now, because my arms and hands are relatively passive during this phase of the swing, there's very little leverage in my swing in terms of pulling the club out towards this way, towards the ball, which is what's causing you to want to fall over that way. If you're losing your balance, focus on shifting your weight from the swinging from your core, shifting your weight and using your hips to bring the club down. If I try to leave my arms up here as long as I can and just do nothing but shift my weight and rotate my hips, look how low my hands are already. Now I've got all this leverage to then release into the ball. So if you're losing your balance, think of a flagpole, start swinging from the ground up.

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