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Left Arm in the Golf Downswing (LADD)

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A lot of golfers don't understand how the arms work in the golf swing. That's why I have spent a great deal of time talking about the right arm to this point but not as much talk about the left arm. The left arm has an equally important role to perform in the golf swing, perhaps even more so in that it directly controls the club face through impact. The right arm's job is primarily speed and support of the left arm whereas the left arm controls trajectory and direction. In this 20 minute long video I discuss how the left arm works in the downswing to both prevent injury to the left elbow which is a very common golf swing injury and to maximize control by understanding how the left arm should be rotated and positioned at impact, as well as the left wrist. The left arm downswing drill is also covered in two phases, both without a golf club and with a golf club that will allow you to master these impact positions that are so vital for directional control. The topic of getting stuck in the downswing and how the incorrect movement of the left shoulder easily creates this dreaded feeling is also covered as well as how the left shoulder works to get into the proper impact position.

Video Practice Points
  • This drill can improve your swing instantly because you learn what determines the ball's path
  • The left arm, especially the wrist and hand, controls the club face at impact
  • The left elbow should point down the line and the left wrist should be flat at impact
  • For the drill, keep the left shoulder shut, elbow pointing down the line, and rotate the wrist through the entire downswing
  • Practice with arms only, then add a club & impact bag - stop and check form at impact
  • The goal is to have everything aligned at impact - left shoulder over left hip, knee & ankle
  • You should feel that your chest is over, or "covering" the ball

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LADD Drill - The left arm in the downswing is a key drill to help you master the lead side movement of the golf swing. The left arm in the golf swing is one of the most important fundamentals of learning the Rotary Golf Swing. The left arm has to rotate throughout the entire golf swing rather than what most goofballs on television will tell you which is to hold the club face square to the target as long as humanly possible.

Nobody actually does this in the golf swing or they lose a tremendous amount of clubhead speed. How much coverage speed? The center of the clubface is actually moving about 7 to 8 miles an hour faster than the heel when it's rotating properly and I don't know about you but I don't think you can afford to give up 8 miles an hour club at speed especially when it takes no effort to produce it.

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