What is the Rotary Golf Swing?

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A quick introduction to the science-based Rotary Swing Tour (RST) golf swing system. The RST online golf instruction videos which teach you a proper golf swing that is powerful, consistent and effortless!

Video Practice Points
  • Rotary Swing is a proper golf swing based on physics, biomechanics, anatomy and neuro-mechanics
  • It is the simplest way to learn the golf swing possible
  • It is a Tour Level golf swing built around teaching amateurs how to move like the pros

Proper Golf Swing

The Rotary Swing Tour golf swing learning system was devised to make the golf swing both easy to understand and easy to learn, all while being easy on the body.This powerful proper golf swing got RST Founder Chuck Quinton's golf swing up to the 129 mph clubhead speed mark all while having a perfectly square path and clubface angle. The secret to this golf swing is that there are no secrets, just proper golf swing mechanics! It's completely grounded in science - a fact based approach to learning the golf swing online. If you've ever wanted to learn how to properly swing a golf club, then you've finally come to the right place.

Rotary Swing Introduction

The Rotary Swing uses physics, biomechanics, anatomy and neuro-mechanics as its foundation for developing the #1 golf swing model that has literally cut hundreds of thousands of strokes off its members golf handicaps across the globe. With hundreds of thousands of members, RotarySwing.com has become the go to online golf instruction website for those golfers wanting to learn the TRUTH about building a proper golf swing and are tired of band-aid fixes and compromises. 

If you want to learn how to properly swing a golf club and play your best golf possible all while learning in the comfort of your own home all while spending the least amout of money possible, RotarySwing.com is your new online golf instruction home!

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"I think he's come very close to a golf swing model that appears to be ideal...It's a big muscle, motor-driven swing that's repeatable...You don't have to be a super athlete."

-Dr. Jeffrey Broker, Assoc. Prof. in Biomechanics at University of Colorado at Colorado Springs and Former Senior Biomechanist for U.S. Olympics Committee

"I started playing at 70 years old, at the beginning I was scoring around 100 plus... Following the RST 5 Step System my scores are in the 80 to 86 range. I am out-hitting guys in their 40's and 50's, thanks to you and your system. My back or other muscles never ache, nor am I tired after 18 holes. I am so glad I found your technique and system."

-Hub Orr - Happy PREMIUM MEMBER of RotarySwing.com

"I can honestly say that Rotary Swing has completely revolutionized the way I think about the golf swing...The website is without a doubt the best golf instruction resource anywhere on the internet."

-Sam Jarman, PGA Golf Instructor in the UK


Build the perfect golf swing following the most advanced online golf swing learning system!


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