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Are Your Golf Grips Fit Properly?

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How to know if the size of your golf grips is holding back your game.

Perhaps no other piece of equipment in your arsenal is more important and more overlooked than properly fitted grips. How on earth do you know if you're properly fitted? Well, pretty much everybody just assumes that they just take a standard grip because it's standard for a reason, right? Not at all. Grips must be fit to your palm in order for you to be able to release the club properly and have control without having to death grip the thing. Now, first of all, before I even get into the grip size, I want to talk specifically about grip condition. You must replace your grips at least once a season. That's a minimum. Twice a season is more ideal. They're made out of rubber. The oils come out of the rubber over time. You keep wearing holes into them, pushing against the shaft and so on.

                Having new grips on the club is the cheapest and best upgrade you can do to your golf game because you can hold on to the club more and more lightly which makes it much easier to release the club, but if your grips are too big or too small, you're going to either over release the club or not be able to release it enough because your hands are working too hard to try and control the club. How do we know if our grips are properly fit for our hands? Everybody has different hand sizes. You have big palms and small fingers and big fingers and small palms and so on. It makes a huge impact on how your fingers wrap around the club. To check this, all you need is your left hand and you want to see where your left fingers touch your palm when you take your normal grip. If you find that your fingernails are digging in to your palm, your grips are way too small and there's two fixes for that.

                One, go and have them regripped and throw one extra wrap of tape under the grip. Your club builder will know what that means if you don't. That will raise it up about a 32nd of an inch. That's if your fingers are just starting to just fingernails are just digging in a little bit. They should not dig and they should just touch. Lightly touch, but they do need to touch. Now, if they're really digging in and you can't even seen your fingernails like this, you're probably going to need to go up a full grip size. That's critical because if you have really, really small grips, it's really easy to flip the club around and lose control over it. The opposite problem is if your fingers are nowhere near touching each other and you've got this big gap. The simple fix, you just need smaller grips or if you have extra wraps of tape in there, take the wraps out first and try the grip again. The grip might be okay. It might just be too many wraps of tape or too thick of tape.

                Simple fix, simple check. Make sure your fingernails or your fingertips are just lightly touching the inside of your palm of your left hand and if you're not sure about it, just move your hand down the grip and you'll be like, "Oh, wow. Okay I see what he's talking about here. If I move it way down, then my fingernails are really digging in. Up here they're just lightly touching." That is a perfectly fitted golf grip.

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