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Much has been written on the importance of a good grip over the years, Ben Hogan devoted 17 pages to it in his book "Five Fundamentals", making it seem to many that it is some magical, mystical secret of the swing. But over the years teaching countless golfers I've learned a couple things. One, grips come in all shapes and sizes and can still be effective. And two, a sound grip is important, but very easy to achieve. In this video I show you the details of getting a good grip on the club that allows the hands to seemlessly work together as a unit, regardless of your swing type. From there, you can adjust for your natural tendencies and what works best for your swing and desired ball flight.

Video Practice Points
  • In a "strong" grip, the V of the left thumb points beyond the right shoulder - a "weak" grip points to the center of the body
  • Neutral to slightly strong is the preferred grip for most golfers
  • The pad of the left hand & space between the tendons at the base of the left thumb should both be about at the center of the shaft
  • Most of the force is exerted with the back three fingers - thumb and forefinger are light on the club, but pinch together to prevent the shaft slipping through at the top
  • The right hand matches up to the left - the V of the right thumb parallels the V of the left
  • The left thumb nestles into the lifeline on the right hand
  • The hands should grip the club securely - don't let the left do all the work

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