How to Chip - Spinning Chip Shots

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Over the years, I've had countless people ask me how I put as much spin as I do on such short chip shots. Well, for the first time, you guys will get a peak at the technique to hit very short shots very softly but with a lot of spin. Most golfers like to come down very steep on the ball which creates a very blunt and sharp blow. The only problem with this is that a lot of speed is required to create spin and on a short shot, you'll simply hit it much too far. But by learning this technique, you'll be able to save par more often around the greens and maybe even amaze your friends in the process!

Video Practice Points
  • Short, delicate shots require a lot of spin, but can't be hit very hard
  • Rather than hitting down steeply for spin, slip the blade underneath the ball so it rolls up the face
  • Practice getting this feeling by taking some shots with the right hand only
  • It's best to practice this on a tight surface, but it's hard on the green so choose your spot wisely!
  • Allow the right wrist to work flat, adding loft to the club through the shot
  • It's a very short stroke with no speed or compression, but it should generate a lot of spin
  • Practice with both hands on the green, then move over to the fringe - the ball should come out very soft

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