Why RST Begins with Rotary

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I want you to have the most efficient and powerful swing possible. In this video, I'll show you how rotation in the RST swing keeps your swing consistent, yet still produces massive power.

  • Knowing how to power your swing for efficiency is critical 
  • Rotation not only is powerful but super consistent

Where does the term rotary come from in the Rotary Swing Tour? Well the answer's really simple. When building the golf swing the way that I saw it in my mind and how I wanted the golf swing to work, I wanted things to be as mechanically efficient and simple as humanly possible. In order to do that I wanted to keep things very centered. I didn't want a lot of movement off the golf ball because it makes the timing and the precision of the golf swing so much more difficult.

                I wanted to keep things very very simple and that's how the Rotary Swing Tour really came about. To do that I wanted to rotate around a fixed axis. Fixed is a very loosely used term there but I wanted my spine to be the center point relatively with my head being able to stay very centered. I didn't want this big lateral sway because not only is it inefficient in terms of loading the muscles and creating power in the swing but it also affects the eyes, and the eyes are a really critical part of the golf swing. When you start adjusting your eyes like this, the way you start processing alignment and all these other things, it starts getting really skewed. That's why when golfers who are working on their product and they get very specific about the position of their eyes over the ball and how they're seeing the line down the target line.

                Swings are no different. You start setting up like this and then you move this way you've all of a sudden got to get your head over here in impact. Things are just going to be way too difficult.

                I wanted to rotate around my spine because rotation is an incredibly efficient way to build power and torque in the golf swing versus lateral movement. It takes a lot more muscular effort to build power sliding back and forth laterally versus it does coiling up and building up a lot of rotational power.

                The rotation really comes from what the body is doing, both in the back swing where our upper torso is coiling back, rotation around our spine and then in the down swing we're taking a big trunk and powerful muscles in our lower body and rotating that back to the target while the upper body gets rotated by the lower body.

                All of those things developed into what we call the Rotary golf swing. That's how I came up with the terminology is I wanted to build very simple machine to hit the golf ball so that you could be as consistent and effortlessly powerful as humanly possible.

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I have V1 golf program on my iphone. Should I use that to send vids and should I only send one (FO) or two (FO & DL) ? How do you send me back the vid with instruction?
May 1, 2014
Chris (Certified RST Instructor)
You can use any video of your swing from face on and down the line to upload to the site. We would like both angles so upload them as 2 separate swings. Some apple MOV. files have been know to be a little fussy during upload so make sure you email yourself the files if they are not in V1 and change the format. After you upload and chose the videos to submit, your videos will go into queue. Once the instructor completes your review, you will get an email notification in which you can access your reviewed videos. Let me know if you have any further questions.
May 1, 2014
Is it ok, then, just to rotate my hips in a barrel as Hogan says & let the arms go along for the ride?
April 18, 2014
Chris (Certified RST Instructor)
make sure that you are shifting the hips as well. And the arms should be pretty passive until the hitting area.
April 21, 2014

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