Bubba Watson: Masters Champ Thrives Under Pressure

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Champions rise above the pressure when it counts. In this video, I’ll show you how you can prepare for high-pressure rounds like Bubba Watson and Jack Nicklaus. You’ll find out how to evaluate yourself after high-pressure rounds, learn from your mistakes, and how to minimize your mistakes. This is how you’ll develop “ice in your veins.” Check out this video now to rise above your competition and win!

  • You need to evaluate how your body responded to the intense pressure after a round.
  • Mistakes will happen and they can help you better yourself in your next event.
  • Once you learn the above two bullets, you should be able to move through your high pressure rounds and not compound your mistakes. 

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In one of Bubba's interviews he mentions how he'll rarely (if ever) spend hours hitting balls - instead he'll hop onto the course for 9/18 holes and drop balls to practice. Eventhough golf courses might not like it (because of the potential divots around the course), is this a more efficient way to practice? Mainly because at the range the lie is perfect and the ground is even, whereas on the course the lies are uneven and you won't be hitting stock shots.
April 10, 2016
Craig (Certified RST Instructor)
Hello Brandon. It all depends on the goal. If you are looking to make mechanical changes in the swing. The course isn't the best place to achieve that goal. If you are looking for trying to master the swing on the course because on the range it is correct, but the course it is incorrect. Going on the course and trying to re-create the same feel and get a proper sense for aiming at different targets is okay.
April 11, 2016
Hi Chris, what are ways we can minimize our misses? Do you mean aiming for solid contact 99% of the time and the 'misses' are when the ball doesn't curve as expected?
January 21, 2016
Chris (Certified RST Instructor)
Hey Brandon, "misses" can be defined several ways really. Ball striking is a huge part of minimizing your misses. However, a miss can also be attributed to poor shot selection. The best way to minimize misses, is to make sure your ball striking is in line and that you are clear headed in the shot selection department. Miss hit golf shots will happen, even to the best players in the world. As you ball striking gets better and better, you will notice that you misses get tighter and tighter. Hope that makes sense.
January 26, 2016
Excellent!! Did Bubba have reading/studying difficulties as a kid? Many of those folks grow up to see/feel relationships the rest of us miss. One of my closest friends in Med School had a heck of a time getting through the first year. When he got to operate, he took pictures-thousands of 'em-saved and studied them. He began to see anatomical and functional relationships that nobody had ever thought of! Went on to be one of the foremost hand surgeons in the world. I'm not dissing Bubba-I'm admiring heck out of him. While the rest of us struggle with mechanics, he's got stuff in his head, and hands, that we cannot imagine. pk
April 14, 2014
Chris (Certified RST Instructor)
I hear you PK. There has been some minor speculation of Bubba dealing with ADD but I wont comment on anything of that nature as I do not know the facts and don't know him personally. He is certainly fun to watch on TV and in real life.
April 15, 2014

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