J.B. Holmes vs. Brittany Lincicome

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Congrats to both J.B Holmes and Brittany Lincicome for their playoff victories at the Shell Houston Open and the ANA Inspiration Championships. J.B. and Brittany are among the longest players on their respective tours. In this video, I'll show you the one big move that both players use to smash their drivers off the tee. Learn how to put more power in your golf swing by using your legs the right way. I'll show you a few great premium videos that will teach you how to make this move just like the pros! If you want more power, then you must check out this key move by J.B. and Brittany

  • Stay wide early on in the swing.
  • Start your downswing with the lower body.
  • Try keeping your back to the target as long as possible while shifting into your lead side. 

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Question about the straightening of the trail leg. It seems both these golfers more or less straighten the trail leg at the end of backswing but they very quickly regain some flex in the downswing. I also notice this with Jordan Speith. The feedback I received from this site on my own golf swing was that I shouldn't straighten my trail leg. Since receiving this feedback I have noticed a big improvement in my swing by ensuring that I keep some knee flex in the trail leg. After watching these pros I am now wondering if it is actually not so much about avoiding straightening in the trail leg, rather ensuring that the first downswing move includes reflexing (or squatting into) the trail leg .
April 8, 2015
Craig (Certified RST Instructor)
Hello Charles. Maintaining the flexion in the trail knee is to help you load the glute properly and build up torque (separation between upper a lower half). When you straighten the trail leg early one can over rotate the hips and not create a good load. These players have made good compensations for that on the downswing as you noted. We just want to take out the extra unnecessary step. Glad you are seeing some big improvement! Keep it Up!
April 8, 2015

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