Tiger Woods Swing Changes - Sean Foley

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Tiger Woods has made many swing changes with Sean Foley are potentially harmful for your health! As this video discusses, there are two key moves that Tiger is working on that put unnecessary stress on the lead hip and spine.

  • Tiger Woods has begun working with Sean Foley - what are they doing with Tiger's swing?
  • We see Tiger drilling a much more forward, stack & tilt type position at impact
  • This is probably intended to shallow the swing, and feels very powerful because it takes a lot of effort
  • Tiger is also rotating his body more aggressively than before
  • Both of these moves cause wear & tear on the body, putting Tiger at risk for injury in the long term

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I am confused. I have watched every video of Sean on the internet, including those at Tour Council, along with those by his partner Dr. Craig Davies, and if there is one thing they have always stressed, it is that they teach biomechanically safe and efficient golf. Both of them are incredibly well educated in this area. I mean, they used to tour in the offseason to lecture chiropractors on the spine. So, why, in Tiger's progressed age and career, would he ever implement such unhealthy moves into Tiger's swing? Is it likely that Tiger is addressing his problems the way he sees fit, reguardless of Sean's concerns over his health? Is it possible that Tiger's hip complex is stable enough to support the pressures of this swing? What would you do to make Tiger's swing to make it most efficient now? Is it possible that Tiger has an exit strategy for his current swing, whenever his body demands something that is less intense?
November 17, 2014
R.J. (Certified RST Instructor)
Phillip, People can gather knowledge, but if they don't apply it properly, the results will be as if they didn't even gain the knowledge in the first place. Tiger has proven to be a very coachable golfer in his career. Evidence of that being that with each swing coach he has had, there have been marked differences between the swing, including when he took a break from Hank Haney and did his own thing for awhile and won the U.S. Open. It is impossible to say 100% for certain, because I was not there for their practices, that Tiger was doing something that was different than what Foley was trying to teach him, but from what I know about Tiger and Foley, I'm 99% certain that Foley doesn't truly know what biomechanically sound golf means and that Tiger's injuries and declining play has been a direct result of Foley's instruction. Anything is possible, but when looking at the evidence in the swing, I'm kind of surprised that someone who is informed as you are would buy into the idea of what Foley is saying as opposed to looking at his students, who all have too much secondary axis tilt, which is trying to rotate vertebrae that are crunched together. Very bad for the lower back. Doesn't sound biomechanically sound to me. The fact of the matter is, Tiger is too talented and too physically fit to be playing this poorly and being injured so often. Of course, if you'd like, you can study biomechanics, anatomy, physiology and physics, take lessons from Chuck and from Foley and use what you learn there to determine what the truth is. R.J. R.J.
November 18, 2014
RJ, After just watching Tigers 3rd Round at memorial im not sure what to think. Physically he doesnt look shot as such, more lost with too many swing thoughts. His body has certainly taken alot of punishment, what do you think of the moves he is trying now with como? Not quite on the same scale, ive been a member for 3 months, previously a 3 handicapper who relied on timing, hands and alot of time on the practice ground. Im trying to improve efficiency plus limit wear and tear on my hips ( Ive had 6 ops, 1 of which was a reconstruction on left (lead) hip. I found the website and neutral joint alignment while scanning you tube for efficiency. James must be getting frustrated with my fortnightly videos not changing much - So I can at least sympathise a fraction with the big man having too many swing thoughts. But would be interested in your thoughts on his new moves. I hated watching the Haney and foley swings btw. Thanks - Andy
June 6, 2015
R.J. (Certified RST Instructor)
Andy, what I am seeing from Tiger, which may be the cause of his inconsistency at this point in his swing transition, in attempt to get more elevation in his swing, he's coming outside the elbow plane line in both the backswing and downswing. One big thing about getting a lot of elevation in the arms in the backswing is that the arms need to come back down with the downcock and shift to the lead side move. He appears to be coming straight down to the ball, very steeply even with his driver, with his high hand position. Now the high hand position is ideal to help generate more club head speed with little-to-no effort, but the hands must drop to take advantage of the additional height. But he appears to be putting a lot less stress on his body with this swing. If he can get the arms figured out where he's not getting the shoulder elevation too early in the backswing and allow gravity to add speed to his arms in the downswing by letting them drop down, I think he'll be a lot more consistent with his game. R.J.
June 6, 2015

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