Theraband Row

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Struggling with feeling which muscles should be engaging during the takeaway and the top of the backswing? This exercise will teach you the proper muscles to use while toning your back.

  • Tie Theraband to Door Knob
  • Arms Straight With Elbow Up
  • Retract the Shoulder Keeping Arm Straight
  • Keep Pelvis Still and Stable

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You said this is a good exercise for the backswing. Are you left handed? The video shows you using the left arm. Would a right handed player do the exercise with the right arm? Also, are you breaking the elbow or keeping the arm straight?? As much as you could. Thanks.
October 16, 2014
R.J. (Certified RST Instructor)
Grant, When exercising the body, regardless of which sport it is for, it is important to develop muscles on both sides of the body. When one side of the body becomes stronger than the other, athletic movements become more difficult or even a little awkward. Also, this exercise is meant to strengthen the muscles of the back so you want to isolate them by not bending the elbow. The more that you bend the elbow in this exercise the more you will be working the biceps. Chances are, our biceps are much stronger than they need to be for our golf swing compared to other muscle groups. For the muscle groups that are already strong, which aren't as important to the golf swing (i.e. calves, quads, chest, biceps), use light resistance and a full range of motion to exercise them to keep them flexible so they don't work against our more important muscles as we strengthen them. R.J.
October 16, 2014

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