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Tension in your golf swing - how to release your golf club head during your golf swing by using relaxed or light grip pressure. Learn the best golf drill to use for allowing clubhead rotation and eliminating tension in your golf swing.

In Week 2 of our amazing golf lesson video series, we're going to build on the the problems we solved with too much head movement by eliminating tension in your golf swing. 

Tension in your golf swing is a real distance and contact killer.  Loose grip and muscle tension is critical when improving your golf ball striking.  That's why we are going to show you how to apply less tension and let the clubhead rotate and square itself up and impact.

The key golf drill we want to show you is how to pick up two clubs and grip them both lightly.  Since there are two clubs, you will feel more weight and the weight, when used with a soft golf swing movement, will creat momentum and prevent overgripping of the golf club. 

By standing with your feet together and swinging two golf clubs with a half-height swing, hip high to hip high, you will gain the feeling of momentum and relaxed grip after 30 reps.

Once you get the feeling of relaxation and loose swing, put one club down and make the same movement with one golf club.  Feel like you're holding the club in the back two fingers of your right hand.  Try to prevent excessive thumb pressure. 

The goal is to feel the club bottoming out at the same spot with every golf swing.  Remeber to have light grip pressure and eliminate the grip pressure so you can properly release the golf club

Hey, what's up brother eastern golfers welcome back to week number two of The Best Golf of Your Life series here, where we're working on becoming much more consistent ball strikers. I hope you guys all had some great success over the last week working on trying to minimize some of the excess head movement that you had in your golf swing. I know it was kind of tough working through and trying to get a thousand repetitions in of this, and it felt like we were starting to use some bigger muscles. So this week I promise it's going to be a lot easier on us and we're going to be really focusing in on tension. We are going to really try to eliminate tension in the hands and the arms. That's a really critical area that a lot of amateur golfers tend to struggle with, is just carrying way too much tension.

                                So the ultimate goal this week, it's not going to be big movements but I know we've got a good golf tournament on TV this weekend, it's something that you can do right in front of your TV. it's a drill that I really strongly encourage you guys try out because it's going to, it's going to segway into what we're going to be doing next week in the week number three video. That's going to really start to tie the head movement, and then the tension, we're going to start to add more moving parts to this and you're going to see that you're going to hit the golf, golf Ball much more crisply and much more consistently.

                                Okay guys, so in step two here we're going to be really focusing on shaking out a lot of that tension in your lead arm. Anything from our shoulder down to our fingertips, it's going to be really critical that we spend as much time as we can over the next seven days really focusing on getting the correct sensation of letting your arm and your wrist, your forearm, all of that stuff, stay extremely relaxed because it is really critical for ball striking. Now, let's talk about this real quick, about why we want to stay relaxed and why we want to allow the club to swing before you get into today's drill.

                                Well, here's what I want you to know. The Golf Gods were really smart when they figured this all out. When they designed the golf clubs they figured that we should put the shaft down here at the hosel, so this where the golf club connects here, and because it's on an angle and we're swinging on an incline plane inherently the golf club is designed to rotate. Okay. So what a lot of amateur golfers tend to struggle with is that they're squeezing or manhandling the club so much that it doesn't want to rotate, it doesn't want to square itself back up. Then in turn, it makes for erratic ball striking. So that's why tension or releasing tension from your lead wrist really, form is extremely critical to allow the club head to do what it's designed to do, and that's rotate and square itself back up.

                                Now, here is a little simple golf swing drill for you guys to focus on this week. I want you to go ahead and grab two clubs. So I've got my nine iron and my six iron here today, you can do it with a seven and eight iron, that's fine. I want you to go ahead and grab both clubs. We're going to stand with our feet together, okay. I've got my hips back, okay, my chest is going to be over the ball so I'm still trying to maintain my golf posture. What we're going to be doing here is, we're going to be swinging from hip high to hip high. Just making our arm feel really relaxed, okay? So no big tension by squeezing these grips or anything like that. I just want you to swing your arm back and forth, okay, and what you are going to start to feel, because we've got two clubs and it's heavy, you're going to start to feel the weight of the club. You're just going to start to feel weight of the club head here.

                                You're going to feel like it wants to swing on its own. What it's actually causing my wrist to do here, is that you can see that my wrist is starting to rotate without me having to do or having to think anything about it. Okay. So I want you to do several reps with two clubs, okay. I don't want you to feel like you're pulling your arm, just let it swing very naturally here. Okay, you can see how I'm trying to keep it evenly paced on both sides of my body here. You'll start to feel the club heads gaining momentum or maximum speed right at the bottom of the swing arc.

                                Once you have that correct sensation put one of the clubs down. You're going to go back to it with your feet together here, okay. You're still going to make the same movements. What I want you to focus on when you have one club, is I want you just to feel like you're holding the club in the back two fingers of your lead hand. So the back two fingers here are going to be really where my pressure is in my grip. I don't want to be pushing on the shaft with the thumb, that's going to make the club come down really steep here. So I just want to feel like I'm holding it in those back two fingers and you can see that because I'm just swinging my arm back and forth, I'm getting the golf club to bottom out in the same exact spot every single rep.

                                Okay? So once you've really gotten out of the way and allowed the club to do what it's designed to do, you're going to notice that you can get the club head to bottom out in that same piece of carpet or wherever you are practicing. That is telling you that you are now allowing the club to do what it's designed to do, so that's you getting out of the way of it. Okay, so make sure you spend a lot of time with two clubs in your hand, I know we've got that great golf tournament to watch this weekend, this is something you can do right in front of your TV, just don't tear your carpet up because I don't want you loved ones calling me. Be like, "Why the heck is my loved one tearing my carpet up?"

                                Just make sure that your goal with week is to eliminate tension and try to feel the weight of the club. I don't want you to actively feel like you're having to flip your wrist over, allow the club head to rotate on its own and you're going to start to see that, "Hey, I've got more control of this club face than I ever thought I would." This is going to be a great segway for us into video number three. We're going to start to ramp things back up, we're going to start to add some more moving parts to this and you're going to see that you have way more compression on the golf ball.

                                Okay guys so there you have it, week number two we're going to be working on shaking out some of that tension and I want to let you guys know, if you haven't seen Five Minutes to a Perfect Golf Club Release, or Fixing Your Release, both of those videos are going to be really critical that you watch to make sure that you really refine the movements that you saw me doing today. Five Minutes to a Perfect Release is actually going to walk you through a step by step process. There is five steps to making sure that you've got great control of that club face, which is really critical for ball striking. Also, the Fixing the Release video shows a lot of the pitfalls that we see a lot of the amateur golfers tend to struggle with when they are going through Five Minutes to Perfect Release.

                                We're going to talk about some of the common faults and that's a great way to get a couple of little drills here that are going to get even more proficient with it. If you haven't seen either one of those videos I strongly suggest that you take a look at those. Let's make it a good week this week guys, good luck. Post up those results for us and I will see you guys next week.

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