Golf Grip's Effect on Lag

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As you've no doubt seen, my golf students have been picking up some serious distance through my unique driver fittings that combine instruction and technology to help golfers gain 30+ yards in one session. One of the things that gets attention during these sessions is the grip and how it affectes that amount of lag the student has in the downswing as well as the tension level during the transition. In this video, I discuss some of the key points about the left hand grip and how it affects lag and tension. It is critical to understand the biomechanics of the wrist joint and the bone structure allows you to create leverage for maximum power with minimal effort.

Video Practice Points
  • In a weak grip, the V of left thumb & forefinger points off to the left
  • A strong grip, with the thumb over the center line of the club, helps preserve lag
  • Hold a club 90° to the ground to feel the difference - it is easy to hold the angle with a strong grip - the meaty part of your hand sits on top of the club
  • Allow your hands to go very soft at the top of the swing to allow for downcock, which creates lag
  • It may take a few weeks to become comfortable with a new grip, but downcock plus a proper grip will increase your driver distance

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